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Boar Primes Needs Some Love. AKA. More Ammo-Crit Chance

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BOAR PRIME IS A GREAT WEAPON.  It feels really good to fire. Has a nice recoil animation and all that jazz XD


But it is inferior to other weapons of its class in several ways. 

As a prime, it was pretty disappointing. It looses crit damage from its normal verson. 15% from 20% and it has very bad ammo economy. For reference. The opticor has 250 ammo and tigris prime has 120. Both of which do much more damage at base. (Did i mention it also has a S#&$ reload of 2.8 seconds.) 

Please buff so that it is at least usable lategame. It is prime after all XD Thanks. 


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It is very much buffed over the regular Boar so it's weird you'd mention a reduction.

It's 15% UP from 10% crit chance btw.

There's a straight up comparison on the wiki so I won't list down how much it's buffed, but it is a substantial upgrade to the regular boar.

It's not a crit weapon at all by any stretch and you'd be better off building for status. Get 4 60/60 status elemental mods on it and watch all your status procs go off.

I do agree that an ammo pool buff would be nice, but that's nothing a carrier sentinel can't handle.

A damage falloff adjustment would be nice, but given how bad the recoil of the weapon is, you're probably better off just closing in and blasting away.

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In case if you don't know yet, Status > Crits. And for late game, Status chance is 1000times more effective than crits. Maybe you'll get good and understand that in time, but boar prime with its 5/5 disposition is already godlike and sortie/endgame/ESO worthy. No need to touch it. Thanks DE!

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@Viruoso.....? What? I actually don't know how to respond. Ummm. Yeah. I don't know what to say. 

@uncalroh...... You are correct. It is much better than boar. And I messed up the figures XD Sorry about that. It is still very weak compared to weapons like tigris and tiberon prime. I just think it needs some help because it is the only full auto prime shotgun and i want to use it in high levels but it is severely outclassed.  And also XD Khom is similar and yet it has literllay like 10 times the ammo XD. Ok. Maybe it is just me. but it does too little damage per shot to have such small ammo. I hope they buff XD IF nothing else. Just the ammo.

@ConzyFTW I put status. And it removed the enmies armor then proceeded to take forever to kill it. I respect its status but it doesnt give enough damage after the amror is removed at the levels where removing armor matters. 


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