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Stalker Oblivious To Bullets Entering His Face


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And he's all buddy-buddy with sand-camo Grineer.


So once upon a yesterday, I was on Roche (first mission on Phobos), and Stalker happened to appear in his sun-flickering glory.

After blaming me for the death of some strange Grineer leader that I've never seen in my life (Sargas Ruk, if my memory doesn't fail me) once again, he appeared majestically in a little cloud of smoke and began repeatedly firing arrows about three inches short of my Shade-cloaked feet.


So I edged away, waited for the surrounding Grineer to have their backs turned, and then Zorencoptered out of the place, leaving him alone, surrounded by rocky walls, and with a small herd of random Grineer, one of whom casually strolled past and told him to leave his mother out of this.


My frame was completely hidden by a wall, but I was able to see the lot thanks to the camera positioning of third-person shooters. And thanks to the hitscan mechanics accompanied by shooting games in general, I was able to send many a Latron bullet straight into his skull (to which he responded only by strafing sideways very slowly) and force him to majestically leave the map in his cloud of smoke within roughly three minutes of sandbag.



So, all in all, his behaviour struck me as being rather odd, as Grineer tend to not be quite so buddy-buddy with (rogue) Tenno, and (rogue) Tenno tend to not be so oblivious to chunks of metal being forcefully thrust into their nostrils (as demonstrated when I tried a similar tactic on a map where Stalker AI worked properly, in which he responded by teleporting behind me and Slash Dashing me to death before the recoil on the first bullet even finished).




Please fix this Phobos Stalker AI, thank.

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