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Dojo Building Bug: Residual Item Blocking


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I've noticed this annoying bug when building in the Dojo as of the resent Dojo patches.
Basically if you move an item from it's position (funded or otherwise), it will leave a 'residual' version of itself that will continue to block building items, you have to actually delete the item to remove all versions of the moved item and allow building. Leaving the Dojo also works, but obviously this is not a good solution having to leave your dojo every 30 seconds if you're doing some rearranging.

As you can see in the video, it's only after I totally delete the bell that I can put a new bell where the old one was even after I moved it out of the way. This is particularly annoying the obstacle room with the boundary traps when trying to get them nice and neat.


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17 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

The next PC Hotfix will resolve this issue - thanks for reporting! 

Can we please also be able to freely move stuff from room to room?

Atm if you build something in 1 room it cannot be placed in another in dojos.

Also doors don't open if you're in decorator mode. (Only opens if you leave a warframe at the door to keep it open)

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the lighting leaves a lot of places of the dojo in the dark like the orokin lab roof had more light and now its gone

and the big spawn room under the second floor has no light at all and the last is that when you put decoration in a second floor of a room like spawn you can see them through the floor

the shadows pass the floors fix that and the dark areas in dojo lighting

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