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"the Dudes" Helping Noobs


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The Dudes are looking for New players everywhere to help them through the steep/Not so steep learning curve of the game, if you would like to:


1. Learn how to strengthen your suit.


 2. Make credits.


3. Have a group of people willing to answer any questions you might have.


4. Have a mentor.


5. learn about and complete void missions. 


6. compete in clan events. 


7. Helps new players out.


8. Do clan reasearch.


9.Mess about the Dojo


10. Etc.


We currently Have a dojo with a functioning obstical course, dueling room, energy research lab and a great hall. we are working on a chem research lab and on the greatest hall. we are starting void runs including towers 1, 2 and 3. raids, exterminate and defenses. 


Think about joining the dudes today, remember we can control the quality of players and how they grow just join or give a helping hand. All new players can join by sending "Obeb" (The main dude) a Friend request. With that being said good luck to all new Tenno and may the lotus guide your blade to be swift and accurate, As well as your visage unclear.

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Do you mean noobs or newbs?


Noob = Elitist; Unwilling to learn


Newb = New to the game; willing to learn

Well Lets not be closed minded all are welcome learning is mandatory as is in life. 

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Well us veteran players have a duty to help those who are new to the game closed testers especially like me since we have been through it all and can show them the ropes better.

I also am a Closed beta player, i agree but not everyone does which is why i am here doing this, Right at this very moment. 

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