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[Warframe] Apothic, Life Force/essence Based Warframe


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A master of life force, the Apothic wields his own and that of his enemies to horrifying effect. The Apothic uses no energy to fuel his abilities, instead using his own life force. He treads a dangerous line using his own energies, but once mastered, he is a potent Warframe and a welcome ally to other Tenno.


-Apothic can pick up energy orbs, but they instead grant him 10 HP per orb. Ten less than a health orb. (they grant only 10 HP because energy orbs are more common than health orbs.)



Gender: Male

Height: 5'10”

Appearance: Slender musculature.



HP: 400 (550 at rank 30)

Shield: 70 (200 at rank 30)

Power: -


Armor: 30

Sprint: 1.25


Polarities: x4, x1, x1


Aura Polarity:




Draining Sap – The Apothic stares at a single enemy and saps them of some of their life force. [cost, 25 health] [Mod space 4]


-Targeting a single enemy, the Apothic drains an enemy of some of their HP.


-This ability drains the target for the cost of the ability, plus a set amount of HP based on the mods level.


-Net HP gain 10/15/20/25


-Cannot gain HP over maximum limit.


-This power has a 3 second cool-down to prevent it from being spammed.



Essence Rip – The Apothic thrusts out his hand before himself, clenching his fist as he quickly retracts it back. Any enemies within range are stunned as their life essence is ripped from them. [cost, 75 health] [Mods space 8]


-Ignores armor, shields, etc. Making this ability 100% effective against all organic enemies. This ability is only 50% effective against synthetic enemies, such as MOA. Only affects enemies within a cone in front of the Apothic.


-Deals 50/100/200/300 damage.


-Number of enemies 2/3/4/6


-Stun duration in seconds 1/1/2/2


-This ability is affected by Focus, Continuity, Constitution, and Stretch.



Essence Absorption - A softly throbbing blood red aura shimmers around the Apothic and his allies, draining the remnant life force of the recently deceased.


-When used, this ability affects the Apothic and allies in range. When an enemy dies within range of the aura, the aura drains health from the newly dead. HP gained over any Tenno's maximum is gained as temporary HP. Temporary HP lasts for a number of seconds based on the abilities level. HP is drained only from enemies killed within the aura. It will not drain HP from any corpse which the aura comes into contact with that originally was killed outside of the aura. Aura will dissipate after a set amount of life is absorbed. [cost, 75 health] [Mod space 8]


-100/150/250/350 (net gain for Apothic 25/75/175/275)


-Each deceased enemy will give 10 HP no matter the level of the power. Mods do not affect this.


-Temp HP duration in seconds 30/40/50/60


-Apothic's abilities will not draw from temporary HP. A wise Tenno must keep careful track of their normal HP when using their abilities.


-Stacks with other Essence Absorption's used by other Apothic's. Though, a limitation applies. The HP gained limit stays the same, but the amount of HP gained when an enemy dies, stacks. So if three aura's are up and three enemies die, than all Tenno under the affect of all three aura's, gains 30 HP.


-This ability is affected by Stretch.



Sacrifice [ultimate] – Sacrificing himself, the Apothic drains all of his life energy to save allies near death.


-Draining all of his health, the Apothic instantly revives all downed allies. This affect instantly puts the Apothic in the downed state (requiring allies to save the Apothic lest he die). [cost, All Health] [Mod space 10]


-This power has no range limit.



-Important Note: Aside from using Apothic's ultimate, a player cannot kill himself with his abilities. If the player does not have enough spare HP to use an ability, the ability will simply not activate – thus preventing the player from suddenly killing himself if he was not paying enough attention to his HP.



Note: I'm looking to draw up some concept art and add flavor text to the abilities as time permits.


Constructive Criticism Welcome

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Yeah, 3 seconds might be too low. I'm not sure if I even want to keep that ability. It might make it too easy for the player to stay alive and then constantly use his other abilities.


So, I'm definitely going to give it some thought. Thanks for the input. Its appreciated.

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I modified Essence Rip to deal 100 less damage, than before. I realized it was a bit too much at 400. Now its more in line with other abilities, while still being worth using HP to use it.



Here are links to my other two warframes as well. I still would like input on them. My Umbra, especially, hasn't really gotten any useful feedback (aside from one person).


Umbra, Shadow Based Warframe




Maw, Blackhole Style Gravity based Warframe



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