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Lack Of Pistol Ammo


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I apologize if this topic was supposed to be posted somewhere else, but here it goes;

I'm a rank 18 Loki, and I've chosen to use Aklatos as my primary weapon. Often I find myself

looking desperately for pistol ammo. In comparison to my pistols, my rifle does very little damage

so after a while surviving is hard.


Does anyone else have this difficulty? Thanks :)

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mods - hornet strike, multi shot, and elemental damage.

if u have the pistol scavenger aura, us it.


if ur dumping all ur ammo to kill something, u need to increase damage done per shot.

high rank multi shot basically doubles ur damage output by doubling rounds fired (not ammo consumed)

elemental like cold is universally useful. not only for damage, but slows targets.

and of course, armor piercing, fire, and electrical have their bonuses against their respective mob types.

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AkLato's aren't all that ammunition efficient, thusly, that's probably why you're running into problems. 


making them more effective per ammo used and also carrying more ammo will be a good way to counter this.


as well as ammo boxes are only 1000c which, after you start playing a bit, you'll find is pocket change. 

i'll often spend 70k at once upgrading mods ;)


'Trick Mag' is the easiest way to combat ammo droughts. since ammo is randomly dropped, having a larger ammo pool means you'll be able to survive droughts until more ammo drops. 




and ofcourse, Warframe gives you 3 weapons + your frame - all of them are viable to be used, but the game is sort've balanced around using all of them. using more than just your pistols sometimes will greatly reduce ammo needed. 

even if you just slice some of your enemies up when they get too close, that will reduce ammunition needed. 

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Pistol ammo mutation (http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Pistol_Ammo_Mutation) or Slip magazine (http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Slip_Magazine)


 Other than that, either don't be so trigger happy or alternate between your main and secondary. Pro tip, aim for the head (or feet in the case of ancients).

Looking at OP's profile, they just started today, so I highly doubt they'd have Pistol Ammo Mutation, as it was - so far - an event only item.


Slip Magazine for increased magazine capacity, and Trick Mag for increased Pistol ammo pool. I would also recommend looking out for alerts for the Pistol Scavenger Aura if you're looking for more pistol ammunition overall.


Other than that, you'll need to balance yourself with using your primary weapon (Presuming the MK1-Braton) than just using your pistols. Properly modded you can have two wonderful weapons at your side, at least until you're able to make a weapon from one of the blueprints purchased from the Market. I'd recommend saving up for a normal Braton as the MK1 has a slower firing rate and weaker damage - the normal Braton doesn't require a blueprint to obtain.


If you're looking for a semi-automatic option, but don't want to use a sniper (Vulkar), there's the Latron. A semi-auto rifle that fires bullets quickly, decent magazine size of 15, and probably one of the better in terms of ammo efficiency as long as you can aim for weakpoints (Mainly headshots, or legshots on Ancient Infested).

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