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2 Frames: Catamount And Drake


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Cat frame, seriously. (I mean both of those.) By cat, I mean a catamount - which is a shortening of the phrase "cat-of-the-mountain". It is used to refer to both felines of the mountain-lion/panther/cougar variety and the cats of the lynx family (Eurasian lynx, Iberian lynx, canadian lynx, and bobcat).

These are all predators. So don't argue about cat frames being a joke. I intend this as a "tear-your-face-off-and-eat-it" frame. Yeah, it'll have cat ears - predator cat ears. You'll see why.

Appearance: female, feline frame with visual characteristics of a lynx/bobcat.

Health: 150

Shield capacity: 75

Power: 100

Armor: 50

Sprint speed: 1.25

Polarities: 4x Power (Claw), 2x Attack (V)

Aura polarity: Tactic (Bar)


1) Pounce

Frame does a long jump forward, slashing at head/chest level (doing Serrated Blade damage).

Range of power would be 10/12/16/18 meters.

Damage of power would be 200/300/450/600 damage.

Comparable to Excalibur's Slash Dash and Rhino's Rhino Charge. Not as effective against Infested because height makes it easier to miss Chargers, but would be highly effective against Corpus and Grineer.

Mod space cost: 2/3/4/5.

Power cost: 25

2) Stalk

For the duration of this effect, no actions taken by the frame create any sound (footfalls, firing weapons, etc.), and the player can see enemies highlighted red through walls on screen due to heightened senses.

Duration of effect is 10/12/15/18 seconds (affected by Continuity).

Damage of Pounce is increased by 100/150/225/300% for the duration of the effect.

Damage of melee weapons is increased by 100/150/225/300% for the duration of the effect.

Charge speed of melee weapons is increased by 25/50/75/100% for the duration of the effect (after mods).

Mod space cost: 4/5/6/7.

Power cost: 50

3) Frenzy

For the duration of this effect, Catamount jumps to nearby targets and slashes them for Serrated Blade damage, killing lighter targets and stunning those that aren't killed.

Stunned targets take 50/100/150/200% more damage.

Damage is 150/225/300/375.

Duration of stun is 2/4/6/8 seconds (affected by Continuity).

Catamount makes 8/10/12/14 jumps (affected by Continuity). If there are fewer targets than jumps within range, Catamount stacks jumps on the available targets until they are dead or she runs out of jumps.

Range is a flat 8 meters.

Mod space cost: 6/7/8/9.

Power cost: 75

4) Queen of the Mountain

Catamount roars and calls down a landslide, crushing enemies with Armor-Ignore damage.

Damage is 600/800/1000/1200.

Range is 8/10/13/16 meters.

Mod space cost: 10/11/12/13.

Power cost: 100



An updated version of a frame idea I put here before.

Appearance: slimmer male frame with hexagonal-scale-armor and jagged spikes on arms and legs; two arcing shoulderblades where the wings deploy, and an angular-jaw helmet that curves into back spikes.

Health: 75

Shield capacity: 75

Power: 150

Armor: 125

Sprint speed: 1.1

Polarities: 4x Power (Claw), 1x Attack (V), 1x Tactic (Bar)

Aura polarity: Tactic (Bar)


1) Soar

Activating power unfolds wings from frame and flight controls take over.

Flight controls: SPACEBAR/JUMP up, LEFT CONTROL/CROUCH down, W forward, S backward, A left, D right, E end flight.

Duration of flight is 12/16/20/24 seconds (affected by Continuity).

Pressing E/Melee will drop frame straight down from current location. Drop will create a shockwave if frame drops from a certain height or higher.

Shockwave damage is 50/75/100/150 (affected by Focus).

Shockwave range is 3/5/8/12 meters (affected by Stretch).

Mod space cost: 2/3/4/5.

Power cost: 25

2) Clawgrasp

Drake does a wing-assisted jump to targeted enemy, jams his left claw into its midsection, and impales it on a spike that deploys from his right hand, doing massive armor-ignore damage.

Target is stunlocked for the duration of the animation.

Damage is 600/800/1000/1200 (affected by Focus).

Maximum range of jump is 15/18/21/24 meters (affected by Stretch).

Mod space cost: 4/5/6/7.

Power cost: 50

3) Dark Terror

Drake does a wing-assisted jump into the air, spreads his wings, and lets out a shriek that paralyzes all enemies within range.

Terrorized enemies cannot move or attack for duration of effect.

Terrorized enemies take 50/50/75/100% more damage (affected by Focus).

Range of power is 10/12/14/16 meters (affected by Stretch).

Duration of effect is 12/14/16/18 seconds (affected by Continuity).

Bosses and non-organic enemies (MOAs, Ospreys, Rollers, Jackal/Hyena/Raptor/Ambulas) are immune to stun, but not to damage-increase effect.

Mod space cost: 6/7/8/9.

Power cost: 75

4) Dragonsbreath

Drake unleashes a powerful blast of neutron radiation in a 90-degree cone in front of him, destroying most targets caught in the blast and causing severe damage-over-time in targets that are left.

Blast damage is 500/700/900/1200 (radiation) armor-ignore damage (affected by Focus).

Damage-over-time is 80 (radiation) poison damage every second (affected by Focus).

Range of skill is 12/14/16/18 meters (affected by Stretch).

Duration of damage-over-time is 4/6/8/12 seconds (affected by Continuity).

Mod space cost: 10/11/12/13.

Power cost: 100

For Dragonsbreath, the power should be able to activate in the air (i.e., while flying) and be aimed wherever the cursor is - for a "death from above" effect when used properly.

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If you actually want serious feedback, here it goes:



1. So an upgraded Slash-Dash? With the serrated damage that does 3x to light infested.

2. So an invisibility-like ability that upgrades the aforementioned not-slash-dash, and lasts longer than actual invisibility while raising damage even more. With the trade off being it doesn't actually make you invisible, which is only a problem if you don't have the energy to not-slash-dash to safety.

3. So Bladestorm? With armor-piercing? With jumping to previous target if there aren't enough? While costing less energy?

4. A very 4-ish 4.


So, you rolled Excalibur and Ash together with some mild debuffs to make a high-tier version of both.



1. Interesting concept, thought it might fall out of balance, depending on flight speed.

2. I think this might be a bit subpar actually, High armor-ignore damage is nice, but it's 50 energy, single target, and doesn't scale up as well as a gun would.

3. This sounds like most frames' 4, with the energy and mod slot cost of their 3.

4. So Sonar + Radial Blind? Not quite sure how this will work out.


More unique thought to it, very much residing in high-tier land.


Overall, these powers are a bit much and need to be brought into line with the average. As it stands, these would just turn into the new Nova were they introduced as is.

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I do, so thank you.



1) YeahbasicallybecauseIdidn'thavemuchofabetteridea. And I hadn't gotten my three hours of sleep yet. So sue me? XD Other ideas are more than welcome, if you've got them.

2) See previous. I wanted some kind of melee-damage buff because this is more of a quick-in+heavy-damage+quick-out frame. At least, that was the idea.

3) Don't know. Never used Ash. Doesn't really excuse it, I suppose, but I wanted a higher-reward payoff if there are fewer targets - so if it's just you and the boss, yeah. Drop this.

4) Why...thank you? This is a power I'm not so sure about. It's the one I put as #4 when I put the previous #4 at #3 because I realized that one power I had...there was no use for it.


<shrug> Suggestions welcome, like I said above. I would prefer it if they were a bit more unique, but I don't know what the particular limitations of the game engine are. 



1) I was thinking flight speed would scale with direction. So if you're going up your speed is 0.8/0.9, dropping it'd be 1.3/1.4 (after hitting E to cancel flight; that kind of thing), and level flight would be more like 1.2/1.25 (so on par with Nova/Loki base foot speed). Not ridiculously fast unless you're going down.

2) Eh, but it also basically stuns the target for the duration of the animation. Which could be ridiculously slow (which would make this a spammable boss-stun). Which was my idea for it.

3) It's not the same kind of AoE, though. It's directional (and could be limited to 60-degree cone, which was my original thought). Still a bit powerful, perhaps, but the numbers can be tweaked as well, so. In my mind it should be more powerful than most #3 abilities because #4 doesn't actually kill anything. Directly.

4) I would say not quite like Sonar. Perhaps more like Molecular Prime (primed targets take more damage) + Radial Blind, for a longer duration, and the targets don't explode when they die. Intended very much as the crowd control ability in team play, or in solo play lets you stun a large crowd and then go around dropping Dragonsbreath on the biggest groups. With a big enough power pool.


Yeah, probably a bit overpowered but the numbers can be tweaked to bring it in line. My idea for Drake in particular was to make it a frame to take on higher-level bosses and mobs (the insane 60-70 range maps) more easily. If you've got ideas on tweaking the numbers, I'm all ears.


I appreciate this kind of feedback. If you have any alternative suggestions...feel free to propose them.

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Oddly enough, I heard a parody of that song from An America Tail (No Cats in America) in my head just now

'cause there are no cats in warframe, for this I thought you knew!

'cause there are no cats in warframe, No kitty love for you~

Now that's out of my system, here's my two cents...

Regarding Catamount

Catamount's stats actually work fairly well. Nice to see that someone took the time to keep things balanced.

Pounce: Underwhelming skill. While the range is compariable to Slash Dash and Rhino Charge, the damage doesn't tier properly. Slash Dash is marginally less powerful against Grineer, but far superior against Infested and Corpus on damage alone. If the aim is to make the ability stand out as being similar, yet different, it either needs improved damage (which creates balance issues), or a status effect. You may want to consider a DoT effect, like a bleed. It would fit the theme better.

Stalk: This skill is trying to do too much. The focus of this ability is completely lost and the end result is a skill that is highly abusable and borderline gamebreaking. What do you want this skill to do? I really suggest that this skill be overhauled. You need to decide if the skill is going to be like Invisibility, wherein you become invisible and gain a melee damage increase, or if you want to make it something unique. You can have it eliminate noise caused by movement, but not gunfire, while also have it grant a damage bonus to enemies who haven't perceived you yet OR bonus damage to the next skill used.

Frenzy: I'm always nervous when someone uses "kills" in their skill description. Warframe does not have "Instant Death". Anything that might allude to this possibility, or anything that has such a trait has my immediate disapproval because it completely ignores level and health of enemies. That aside, this ability sounds a lot like Blade Storm, but it trades damage for a stun chance with bonus effects (Molecular Prime's damage amplification at max rank, no less). More-over, the damage on it is actually pretty insignificant. There is a lot of issues with this skill. I recommend completely rethinking this effect. Considering changing this to a party buff. You could make it a hybrid of Roar and Speed, increasing damage dealt and melee attack speed. It would definitely keep with the theme.

Queen of the Mountain: The name is too long. Character-wise. Molecular Prime is the longest skill name and is 15 characters, including the space. Queen of the Mountain is 21. I believe the devs are intentionally keeping the names at 15 characters or less. Just something to consider. That being said, the sudden appearance of landslide from a cat-themed frame is really weird, even considering the name you chose. You have no other earth-themed abilities. Why choose a landslide out of nowhere? If you want, you could use the concept you had for Frenzy that you had as the tier 4 skill. Increase the damage a bit, add a Bleed DoT, and it would be something vastly different from Blade Storm while still being similar. Might need a name change if you do that...

Regarding Drake

Let's take a moment to discuss stats... Based on the current trends, Drake will have 225 Health, 225 Shields, 200 Armor, 225 Energy with a 1.1 Sprint Speed at Rank 30. There is something very wrong here. The Health and Shield pools suggest a high-mobility frame, which is somewhat proven with the 1.1 speed. However, the game's trend of More Armor = Less Speed seems completely ignored. There is also the issue that 200 Armor, unmodified, means they only take 1/3 of all damage [Damage reduction = Armor / (armor +100). In this case, 200/300 = 66.7% damage reduction). Based on that trend, this frame should be looking at a speed of .8, but since you are focusing on high mobility, can you really say that this doesn't put Drake on the "Tank" roster? A maxed out Steel Fiber mod means that Drake has 420 armor, which is 80.7% damage reduction. Just food for thought...

Soar: I like the idea of giving a frame flight, especially since we got flying Grineer on Phobos now, but it sounds more detrimental than helpful. You have to remember that Drake is lacking in health and shields, making him squishy even with his damage reduction of ridiculous. While flying has a mild degree of tactical advantage, it also makes the user extremely exposed. You might want to consider augmenting this a bit, instead going for increased movement speed and increased jump height for the duration (using the wings to propel you along the ground and as a booster to gain elevation). This augmentation would pair well with mods like Heavy Impact, allowing for some interesting synergy. This alteration would help to keep the squishy Drake from inadvertently getting themselves killed with a gimmick.

Clawgrasp: This skill actually makes me uncomfortable due to it's extremely potent damage. However, considering that it only hits one target, I suppose it's ok. In a way, it is very underwhelming. Good for bosses and heavies, I guess, but somewhat lacking. I'm assuming this ability will cause the user to teleport in front of the target?

Dragonsbreath: Far too powerful to be a Tier 3 ability. You should swap this Dark Terror. That aside, I actually really like this skill and don't think it needs much of a change outside of becoming the ultimate skill.

Dark Terror: Where do I begin with this? Considering that the enemies are essentially sitting ducks, taking greatly amplified damage and completely incapable of taking cover, I feel the duration is far too long for a skill this potent. It makes it gamebreaking. Molecular Prime is a comparison point for this skill, since it inflicts Slow for 60 seconds, while causing those affected to take double damage. Enemies can still hide, taking cover or shooting back, but at greatly reduced effectiveness. In this case, while it may not cause them to explode when they die, fully disabling enemies for 18 seconds, over a massive range, while making enemies take 4x normal damage... Just a little overdone. I can imagine this skill causing Defense Missions to become a literal joke, especially T3 Tower Defense in the final waves. I think you should cut down the range by half. At least then, you can justify the overwhelming strength of this skill. 32 Meters is roughly the same size as Molecular Prime at max rank with a max rank Stretch. If you cut back the range by half, you can justify this as a T3 Skill (and a highly valuable one at that...)

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<eyes glaze over at wall of text>

Just kidding, actually. My own wall of text was pretty bad. Even with the spoiler tags.


One thing I do want to say is, thanks for taking the time to make some serious feedback and suggestions. It shows that you're taking this seriously. And I appreciate that.




Pounce: I was considering a DoT - lowering the initial damage and REALLY heightening the DoT to make it more effective against higher-level enemies/heavies. But I'm not sure what the radius on the skill should be in that case. Thoughts?


Stalk: Yes, it's trying to do a lot. I'm considering dropping silencing all frame actions and shortening the duration (so it would silence movement, for a shorter duration, but keep the other effects). I suppose I could nerf the bonuses as well, but that would depend on how much I shorten the duration. I do still want it to boost melee damage, but perhaps it would be best to boost charge damage - like stealth attack. Perhaps a bit less gamebreaking in addition to the silencing?


Frenzy: This was my original Catamount-idea's #4 power. And one I still want to keep. I'm not necessarily looking for Instant Death (damage numbers can always be yanked downwards), but I do like the idea of stacking jumps the fewer enemies there are - making this a good skill to pull out on a boss, and one that you can pull out 2-3 times on a boss. In fact, I'd drop damage on this before I'd drop anything else, particularly the stun.


QotM: You've just said everything that I haven't liked about this idea since I first had it. I was considering a kind of "jump-shockwave" AoE that did low initial damage but massive DoT damage (and bypassing armor), buuuuut...not sure where to go with that one. Or what stats to put on it.




I wanted to keep something with the lore of dragons/drakes which makes them fairly agile but also highly armored. I wouldn't mind dropping the armor back to 150 or even 125, but I definitely want it higher than average. Yes, I want this to be a durable and decently quick frame. Of course, if DE wants to actually take this idea and do what they want with the individual stats (coughopleezcough) then that'd be fine, too. As it is, though, I'm hesitant to drop armor too much. Especially because I dropped the health and shields both due to armor increase.


Soar: Actually, I submitted the original Drake idea before the Hellions came along, so when I saw the Hellions I was practically beside myself. I've been wanting to see a flight skill for awhile, to increase mobility and yes, to synergize with Heavy Impact (because it sounds like it could be so much fun, but it's so limited in how you could use it). So this is one thing I won't bend on - it's an actual flight skill. I mean, if DE grabs it and just does a mobility-increase thing with it...that's their prerogative, but I'll be...unhappy's not quite strong enough a word. And yes, it is a risk/reward - you would still be able to aim and fire in flight, so you gain an elevation advantage against enemies as well...not to mention that you could, theoretically, fly above the "detection range" that enemies have and so gain a stealth advantage before you do your shockwave-drop. Kaboom.


Clawgrasp: Yeah, the whole "wing-assisted jump" is basically a "teleport to enemy". The damage, stun, and (hopefully) invincible-to-knockdown frames while in the animation should make this power more useful - and yes, it's intended as a boss/heavy spam-it-to-win-it power (if we're being absolutely blunt). Of course, given the other abilities in this arsenal, you may not have a whole lot of power left at the boss.


Dragonsbreath: Funnily enough, Dark Terror used to be the #3 power, so yeah. I could easily swap it back.


Dark Terror: Yeah, it was weaker when I had it at #3, but when I moved it to #4 I buffed it. And...yeah, too much. Range will probably be the first thing to go, followed by amount of extra damage taken. But I want to keep duration at least fairly close, because sometimes you want to be able to just run. Plus, I wanted it to be fairly comparable to Molecular Prime - the difference being that targets don't move and don't explode upon death.


I'm curious - would you happen to have numerical-change recommendations? Like, say, dropping the range of Dark Terror to 14/16/18/20 meters.

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Glad to help! A lot of concepts that people have are interesting, but I just don't see them being given honest consideration because of certain things (gimmicks) that are built into the frame. Then, there are concepts like your own where it is very obvious that you have a connection with the design. It is easier to give feedback on these concepts because people like me can sometimes pick up on that connection and help to make other people pick up on it too.


Pounce: Slash Dash has a .5 Meter strike zone to the left and right of the user, giving it a 1 meter (across) strike zone. This is comparable with Ice Wave, which is also 1 meter. Where these two skills differ is on the length of the strike zone. Ice Wave is 10/10/15/20 while Slash Dash is 8/8/10/16. Personally, I'd try to find some middle ground. 10/10/13/18 is my recommendation.


Stalk: I took a look at Smoke Screen and Invisibility, two skills that are very similar to how you want Stalk to work. Smoke Screen lasts 4/5/6/8 seconds, staggers for 1 second on use, and grants +50% Melee damage for the duration. Invisibility lasts 5/7/9/12, grants +150% Melee damage on normal attacks and +200% Melee damage for charge attacks. To keep this ability being too much like one or the other, I'd say let it grant full invisibility (no visibility detection) and have it grant a +50% damage amplification to melee and skills while it is active. As for duration, I think it should be better than Smoke Screen, but not Invisibility. It can have better progression, though. What are your thoughts on 4/6/8/10 seconds for the duration?




If your original design had this as the #4 skill, make it the #4 skill. Your first instinct is usually the right one. If you move it back to the 4th skill, give it a better name.


As I originally suggested, you could turn this into either a utility skill or a party skill. Although some frames have 1 skill that falls into one of these two categories, most have two (Excalibur has Super Jump and Radial Blind, Frost has Freeze and Snow Globe, Mag has Pull and Shield Polarize, Rhino has Iron Skin and Roar, Nyx has Mind Control and Chaos, Banshee has Sonar and Silence, Ash has Smoke Screen and Teleport, Saryn has Molt and Contagion. Trinity is the odd one out, having 4 skills that fall into these categories, while all the others have 1 or skills that are just too difficult to classify as Utility or Party-Based).


The reason I suggested that Frenzy become a utility skill is that Frenzy is a mental state. It is about losing control, becoming primal, and unleashing the power associated with losing the natural restrictions of active consciousness. It is also very influential in a pack. If the leader goes ballistic, the pack will follow suit. This is where my suggestion for Movement Speed + Melee Attack Strength increase comes from.


If you make Frenzy (the current effect) into the 4th skill, it just needs more power raw power and less gimmick. I'm pretty sure that the skill will not allow you to jump on the same target back to back. That wouldn't make much sense (Think about it. You're just jumping up and down on someone's chest like an angry 4 year old). Why is this a big point of contention? Right now, the single most powerful combo of skills are Radial Javelin + Bullet Attractor. Radial Javelin deals 1000 damage per javelin across all ranks, and the javelins ignore all armor. At max rank, this unleashes a torrent of 15 javelins, which bullet attractor directs at a single target for a whopping 15,000 damage. This is essentially the game's ultimate one-shot. Even Blade Storm, which is the most powerful single hit in the game, is only 2000 damage that ignores armor and is limited to 1 hit against an enemy per use. If this skill is capable of landing all 14 jumps on a single target... (Incoming math! ..all assuming max rank, which is the focus for balancing pretty much everywhere)


First hit: 375 damage

Hits 2 through 14: 1125 damage (375 + (375 x 2))

Total damage: 15,000


Just dropping the bonus damage effect changes all hits to 375 damage, making the total damage 5250.

Making it so that enemies cannot be hit by back-to-back attacks reduces the total hits possible against a single target to 7, which reduces the maximum damage to 2625.


This is where the raw damage increase comes into effect. In order to keep things balanced, this skill will need to not be able to chain hits against a single target. To compensate for this new requirement, you can effectively double the damage at max rank to 750. Why? Because as soon as you don't have a 2nd target, you lose hits. To compensate for that, you can give this ability invincibility frames like that of Blade Storm.


At the enhanced damage, this ability has a maximum damage output of 5250 against a single target, but this is balanced by the fact that it can only reach this point by having a strong enough 2nd target (or enough 2nd targets and/or very good luck). You can also have the stun timer reset on every hit, allowing it to be very useful in team play.


As an added bonus, this ability will rip through crowds at a slightly less effective rate than Blade Storm, but can hit the same target more than once, something Blade Storm cannot do.



I'll give you my feedback some number changes for Drake later today. I am off to work. Hope this information helps!

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...can I just say that I wish everyone was as helpful as you?


Pounce: 1-meter strike zone, current base damage, reduced length of Pounce to 9/11/13/18, add a DoT of...25 damage-per-second for 4/7/9/12 seconds.


Stalk: still iffy on the invisibility. Perhaps. But I don't mind knocking down the effect to more of a 50% flat boost to melee and skill damage, so long as it applies to the team.. I still want the "highlight prey through walls" mechanic, though. A bit more of a distinguishing feature. Duration dropping to 5/7/9/12 would also probably work better, given its lower cost.


Frenzy: I'm considering reworking this mechanic entirely, actually. I've been considering a no/low-damage stun - jumps to a target and stuns it, then jumps to the next target in range. Stunned targets would take 50% more damage from allied weapons/skills. Leveling up would expand range/maximum number of targets/duration of stun, but damage (if any) wouldn't increase by that much. And it would only hit once-per-enemy.


#4 idea: Wildcat: Catamount lashes out at all enemies within range, firing a certain number of projectiles at nearby enemies - the fewer enemies there are, the more the projectiles stack. Each projectile hit does a certain amount of damage and a certain amount of damage-over-time (making this the stacking anti-mob/anti-boss hybrid skill). It might take some tweaking around to balance properly, but, Should make some more sense.
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Glad to be helpful. The role of a community is to help each other. Just kinda sad to hear that a lot of people ignore that.


Give me a few hours to think on the changes for Catamount. I'd like to focus on Drake for this post, since I promised I would this morning.


First, let me start by saying I can comfortably agree with 125 Armor as opposed to the 200 Drake had originally. Ordinarily, this would cause Drake to have .95 Sprint Speed (Same as Saryn, who is the only frame to have 125 armor), but because of the concessions on Health and Shields, This is a fair compromise to justify the 1.1 speed.


Soar: I realize, by your passion, that there is little I can do to persuade you that the flight concept may be felt more negatively than positively, so I will not press the issue further. I'll admit, it would be a lot of fun to play with, but I don't think it would be nearly as useful as you might hope. On the upside, at least people don't have to worry about a rocket pack flying off and blowing up on a friend, since Drake doesn't use one.




For the sake of balance, and because this ability only cost 50 Energy, it is going to need to be tweaked. For comparison's sake, let's compare this ability to a number of similiar skills: AKA The One Button One Shot.


Ash has Shuriken. Shuriken auto-seeks a target and deals 500 serrated blade damage at max rank and gets the bonus of throwing two shuriken at max rank. Sadly, these Shuriken can't hit the same target (Which is probably good because the ability only costs 25 energy). However, it is also effectively hit-scan, meaning it hits enemies that you can see without any travel time.


Ember has Fireball, which deals 225 damage plus a total of 245 damage as a DoT over its duration, giving it a total damage output of of 470 fire damage. It is, however, not hit-scan, but it also costs 25 energy.


Nova has Null Star, but this doesn't really count as a One Shot skill since it is actually 6 projectiles that fire one after the other, one second apart, for 200 serrated blade damage each. Still, it is worth note as the attacks can hit the same target, so let's say this is a 1200 damage attack for 25 energy, but this also counts as a DoT since it occurs over 6 seconds.


Nyx has Psychic Bolts, which is an excellent comparison note. This attack fires 6 bolts that deal 150 Serrated blade damage each. It effectively deals 900 damage, at a non hit-scan speed, but again, it counts as 6 attacks for 50 energy.


Lastly, we have Volt with Shock, a single lightning bolt that deals 200 electrical damage and arcs up to 5 times, making it useful for hitting groups. It also costs 25 energy.


These are all for comparison's sake. Since this ability costs 50 energy, it shouldn't be as weak as one that costs 25, nor should it be as powerful as some of the abilities that cost 100 (Blade Storm should be considered an upper-limit skill skill since it hits each target one at a time, and only once per use, for 2000 damage at max rank). Even if it is only capable of hitting a single target, I think everyone will agree with me that dealing 2400 damage at max rank is beyond overwhelming in power for its Energy Cost. Therefore, I propose something slightly more fair. 250/500/750/1000. For 50 energy, this is still very powerful. It may not be as powerful as Null Star, which takes 6 seconds to deal its full damage, but it is on par with elementally aligned tier 4 skills (Avalanche deals 1000 frost damage at all ranks, Miasma deals 250 poison damage every second for 4 seconds, Overload deals 200 electrical damage every second for 5 seconds. World on Fire is a notable exception, as it targets randomly, but deals 4800 damage total over its duration). It packs their power without the benefit of hitting multiple targets, so the damage is very much so justified.


Dark Terror: Let me start by saying thank you for following my advice for this skill. I am very happy with this skill as is, even though its potency is enough to still scare me, that might actually be a good thing. There is a part of me that still thinks the duration would make T3 Defense missions a complete joke, but some would argue that Nova and Vauban already do that. Still, it might be worth some merit to consider the idea of granting bosses immunity to the paralyzing effect of Dark Terror. Likewise, I really don't see this skill being able to terrify Moa, Osprey, and Rollers because they don't have the common sense to feel fear. They're robots. They would still get affected by the increased damage part of the effect, but won't be paralyzed.

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Yeah, I will admit that Soar is kinda the first idea that really made me want to put out a frame idea in the first place, because I wanted to see some other options for movement and to see how people would use it. It might be thought of as a gimmicky power for this frame, but I personally see it as fitting the theme of a high-risk, high-reward frame that likes to jump in and dish out massive amounts of punishment (in Dragonsbreath) or paralyze a mob (with Dark Terror).


Yeah, Clawgrasp will be taken down in terms of straight-out damage done. The animation time (which basically stunlocks the boss) should reflect that change - to make the skill worth using - but yeah.


As to the change in Dark Terror, I was thinking it would only affect organic/partially-organic enemies - Grineer, Infested, Corpus Crewmen, etc. Although this would affect Grineer and Corpus bosses as well, I was thinking that, if possible, they could be tweaked so that the stun only lasts 25-50% of the power's duration. Or the power only works on bosses 10% of the time, or something like that. But it would definitely not work on anything that can't feel fear/has no actual brain (MOAs, Ospreys, Rollers, Jackal/Hyena).

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