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Dueling Room Multiple Bugs


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I know the Dueling Room is still in alpha phase, but I'll report these bugs so that they may be fixed eventually.









1:The Trinity used Link during a duel and it's VFX stayed after the match, linked to the sentinel of an person outside the arena.

2: My Dethcube's Vaporize VFX stayed after one of the duels finished.

3: During a duel a Loki used Radial Disarm and

  a: All the sentinels in the dueling room were stripped off their cosmetic attachments.

  b: Prova's emerged on top of them (:D)

4: After that duel the Loki became bugged and could use his weapons outside the dueling room.

5: Ammo boxes (pistol, rifle and shotgun) stayed forever in the dueling room.



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