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Best Mission To Level Up Melee Weapons



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The mission Cyath an Eris is the best for overall xp and leveling. Its where I go all the time. You wouldn't even have to use your melee weapon that much and it would still level(Although I'm sure you will). 


The people don't really use their melee weapons that often, but it won't really matter when anything and everything is leveling extremely fast.


Just out of curiosity, I don't think it affects your overall xp if other people don't use their melee weapons along with you, so why are you concerned?

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I was wondering this as well. I'm not a fan of leeching xp. I did it a lot during double affinity weekend and got 4 frames maxxed out, hit 30 on more than 6 weapons and wound up resetting my account because i felt like i cheated. I am enjoying the game a lot more now that i am playing it without leeching. I just hate the PUG wait times for (ironically since they're s'posed to be xp farms) m-def and def missions as i am working through regions i am opening up.

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in random PUG-s nto solo.


90% of what i see this far is rifle or pistols all the way, even infested - making any melee exp hard to get.

Any areas where people use melee more often?

I do not know of anyone that runs it in groups, but the grineer defense mission that have a pod are the perfect place to level melee. The Senda defense maps can be fairly easily soloed or done dou as long as you have a frost(use a snow globe on pod and go melee grineer). Grineer are by far the best way to level melee since they give the best amount of EXP and lowest chance of personal death.


I do not know of any pod defense map lower then Senda if you know of one it would be quicker.  Io is decent place to level but infested give lousy EXP overall and only ancients give decent EXP amounts. I leveled up numerous weapon on Senda and gave up on Io just because grineer are faster.

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yeah.. its just that i have  several times more melee weapons waiting in foundry - side/mai weaposn level normally.


I often can go through two or more primary + side before 1 melee hits max.

Leveling melee weapons is painful and it is by far the hardest of the 3 types to level in a group. Primary and secondary weapons can easily be leveled by jumping in a random Xin run but for melee the only real option to level them is solo.


I took advantage of that affinity weekend to clear a large part of my melee weapon backlog. There are few good ways to level melee weapons it is easier solo unless you can find a few groups that will just melee everything and will do consecutive runs.


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