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Steam Ingame Overlay Problem


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Hello ! I have a problem with the steam ingame overlay. It does not works when I enable the 64-bit mode in the warframe´s launcher options . With disabled 64 bit mode works , but then game textures are not nice ... somebody knows some solution ?  


my op system is ...win8 64-bit

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Are you also running Fraps or other programs that might use your video card? I found that running Fraps disables any Steam stuff in my Warframe (but doesn't affect other games :S). So, I stopped using Fraps while playing Warframe unless I'm there to grab a video.


I run Win 7 64-bit and Warframe on 64-bit. I've heard this is relatively common, but I also believe there is some other program interfering.

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hm, i always just assumed Warframe didn't support the Overlay, lol. 


w7 64-bit, have always ran Warframe in 64-bit. i checked all the settings and options before launching Warframe for the first time, i saw a 64-bit option, and i got slightly hard. Warframe is in the group of like, what, 1.5%? of all games that exist that are even capable of running in 64-bit, which means they won't run like cow S#&$. 


i don't need the Overlay though, so i didn't really care. i don't mind switching windows, since i don't run games fullscreen unless i'm forced to anyways.



however, i feel like the fact that Steam doesn't appear to support 64-bit may be related if Warframe is running in 64-bit. Steam has a 64-bit executable, but it's never seemed to work. 


knowing that FRAPS may be interfering is nice to know.... but i have no issues anyways, so i'm not going to disable FRAPS or anything. not happening. 

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