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A New Way To Introduce Pure Sword Play In Dueling. ( The One Hit Duel To The Death ) -Some Reading Required-


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So many games have this method where you hold down the block button to block incoming attacks from the enemy, but you can block as long as you want an wait til you see an opening in their attacks to attack yourself, but since blocking at the moment revolves around Stamina, this can make sword play in a pvp scenario much more strategic.


How It Would Work: The way the dueling works is that you can block for as long you want ( holding it down but not trying to block an opponents attack won't drain your Stamina ) until you start being attacked by your opponent, if you just keep blocking your opponents attacks and he's unleashing a barrage of attacks, your stamina gauge will deplete and you will die from the next attack, so the strategy involved in the duels is very high as the next strike form your opponent will result in your death.


Perfect Blocking: A mechanic to introduce is Perfect Blocking. If you block right at the moment your opponent attacks you, you will stun your attacker leaving him open to a counter, but to achieve a perfect block you have to block the direction in which your opponents strike will be coming from.


1.) While your blocking, you hold down the left mouse button then press W,A,S,D to initiate or at least attempt to initiate a perfect block, if your opponents attack is overhead, press the left mouse button and W  to block an overhead strike, A ( from your opponents perspective ) for a right mid strike, S for a low stike, and D ( from your opponents perspective ) for a left mid strike.


 2.) If you successfully block from the right angle in the right direction, you will do a perfect block and will throw your opponent off balance, leaving him open for a second for a counter.


          a.) Successful perfect block will also drain your opponents stamina by an extra 5%, but grant you an additional 5% ( based on total remaining stamina each player has left ).


 3.) If you fail the attempt to perfect block, you will take exactly half of the full damage that particular swing can do. Failing 2-3 times will result in your death.


         a.) Missing a perfect block will also drain your Stamina by an extra %10 of your total remaining Stamina.



If you don't think you can try for Perfect Block, then you can just do a regular block in which you will automatically block high, mid, and low attacks ( and if your opponent tries for a slide attack, you will dodge it ( if your blocking)). It's just a matter of when you can find an opening, trying to attack while your on the defensive will most likely get you killed so you have options as to how you wish to block.


Clashing:If you attack at the same time your opponent does, you will enter a clash where your swords touch, a few games have done this and if your familiar with it, then you know how it goes, whoever can tap the button ( E in this case ) faster will win you the clash. The clash will last for 3 seconds, winning the clash will result in stunning your opponent and dealing 1/3 of the damage, if neither can best eachother, then the clash will tie and both players will get thrown off balance, both players will recover at the same rate.




Since it's a stamina based system, you can choose to use default dueling settings ( both players have equal stamina and recharge rate ) or choose to use your own builds ( if you have stamina mods. ) This would be a great way to show who can manage their stamina better than others and make sword pvp interesting rather than just who can slice up who faster like it is now. And with it being a one hit kill, managing your stamina and finding the right opening will keep you alive in the fight.

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Perfect blocking won't work well with lag issues and depending on the time span allowed for a "perfect block", it'll either be all luck or be really easy to master, no middle ground. Clash might work though. 


I for one would like to see dueling on something like the obstacle course, where once you initiate the duel, you both spawn at random places on the map. Takes more skill to traverse the terrain plus it won't be whoever hits 4 first.

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Perfect block? Or is it parry?

I forget parry exists in dueling since everyone now uses Perfect Block as the term, but ya, it's more like a parry.

Good ideas, but that level of timing/precision might not work with the slightest amount of lag.

I'm sure with upcoming optimizations and maybe the removal of peer to peer, or have a dedicated server for just dueling alone to have the smoothest gameplay.


So I'm going to be honest, I didn't read this entire post; but I do like the idea of only sword dueling. I would make this an optional feature to the current dueling system tho.

I forgot to include that, but yes, before a duel would start, we would be given the option of having a regular old fashion duel or this type of duel with melee weapons only and one hit results in death, and if chosen, given one more option to either use your own builds or use the default setting with equal stamina and recharge rate.

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I like the idea, this needs to stay on the main page so the devs can see it, if more PvP scenarios like dueling for anyone instead of being restricted to a clan is going in the game, then we need to try an balance it out since it's very broken and just another "Best build wins" PvP. This one hit kill with stamina blocking and stuff is a really cool idea, very original. Pure ninja fight instead of who has the best build on their guns, good to see we could also have the option to use our own build or have that default setting with equal stamina and recharge rate.

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I kind of think you should just go play some Blade Symphony and get your techno ninja dueling fix. 

I've never seen or played a game with this kind of system where you can block so long as you have stamina and if you fail or make a crucial mistake or run out of stamina while being attacks, you die in one hit ( unless your trying to perfect block and still have full health or in a clash ).


I would love to see this kind of mechanic or something like it in future games involving stuff like this. I'm familiar with the clash, it reminds me of the clash system from earlier Dynasty Warriors games or the beam clash in Dragon Ball Z where a Kamehameha beam clashes with a Special Beam Cannon or whatever.

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Not sure how, but this topic seems to have attracted people with constructive criticism to offer, whereas my PvP topic got all the D-bags. If anyone here is interested in another revolutionary PvP idea, please check out:



Well I'm not trying to revolutionize the pvp in this game, I'm just suggesting a different type of pvp that centers around stamina and strategy, ( micro managing essentially ) because one wrong move on your end and your opponent can capitalize and take you out regardless if you have all the stamina in the world, and since this type of dueling makes anyone's incredible tank builds utterly useless, they have to focus on managing their stamina cause looking at how much hp you have left won't do you any good. Your frame can have 100 hp or 750 hp, either way your bad decision will see your hp from full to 0 in a matter of seconds. 


This type of PvP is for more methodical players. A typical run and gun type player will get outsmarted easily by the more strategic player in this type of pvp. One will know how to manage their stamina, the other won't. This is still a dueling 1v1 pvp, so I'm not trying to change it, just offering a different type of pvp for players who want to duel with just their melee weapon and have serious consequences if they're not careful.


Just think of how long a duel could last if you have 2 players who know how to manage their Stamina, know when perfect block and know when to counter if their opponent is taking the fight to them and trying for a perfect block could most likely backfire. 


Players may not think this can work, players may think this would be boring, players may think it wouldn't fit in with the game, but for the rest, this could be the kind of pvp they've been waiting for. And you would also have the option to do this duel or have a regular anything goes duel, so it would make both sides happy. That's why I made this idea, so that we could see something else other than the typical pvp we have at the moment, but would make both sides happy at least. 


As a bonus this duel also solves the balancing problem with who has the better overall build, so it's 2 for 1 deal. It wouldn't matter if your frame has more hp than the other, failing perfect blocks, or losing clashes will still get you killed in 2-3 hits or the one hit if you just make a mistake somewhere in your blocking or just run out of stamina from blocking to much and not trying to take to the offensive.

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My only concern is how you execute a perfect block. Firstly, due to all of the weapons similar attack patterns, it is almost too predictable of which direction a strike will come from. So it may sound good to new or inexperienced players, but as someone who likes action/fighter PvP games, experienced players will probably be deadlocked half the time. We would just be waiting for our opponent to attack first just to stun lock them.


(sorry if I overlooked a detail that addresses that issue)


With the clashing system, the problem with that is that their is a limit to how much both players can mash their [E] button and some players will be turned off by the fact this game will be implementing Quick Time events which is already overused too much already. I suggest that if two swords clash, the attacks just simply repel each other. Quite frankly that is the more realistic example and it will not break the flow of the duel.


I do approve of the overall idea of improving swordplay, but the challenge is making it engaging without turning it into a staring contest. I guess look at your fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Guilty Gear, etc... for ideas on how to make an engaging dueling system.

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