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The Stalker's Story


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Nihlis used to be the Tenno of light. His Warframe, white as the Heaven, would strike fear into his enemies' hearts.

It was a disturbing call. A new Grineer ship has been manufactured-one that was capable of unspeakable things. It had to be eliminated.
Nihlis silently cut his way through the Grineer patrols. Knowing that he would rendezvous with the rest of his cell at the reactor core, he hurried not to be late. Using his prowess, he cloaked entire corridors in shadows to take out every soldier within seconds. 'Too easy', he thought.

Minutes later he arrived in the reactor room. He stayed behind a wall, seeing the Grineer soldiers guarding the core. One of them was hastily walking to a terminal-probably to sound the alarm. 'This is bad. Really bad.', he thought. 'I can't just walk in there and kill everything...there's just too many...but if they sound the alarm, we'll have a whole ship on our necks. What to do...'
Then suddenly, the soldier at the terminal collapsed before he could even touch the console. Nihlis' skills with his bow, the Paris Prime were unmatched. This is the only thing that belonged to his ancestors-his father's bow. He loved it more than anything else.
He looked around. In merely five seconds, every gun in the room was pointed at him. '10...20...30...56 soldiers. That's it? That's all you got, Grineer scum? Then here, let me give you a taste of my hook!' he said, while dashing forward and leaving behind nothing but bloody heaps of flesh and metal in his wake. His Reaper Prime was precise and deadly; nobodies armor was thick enough to deflect his blows.

In seconds, the room was empty, and Nihlis dropped his blade. He looked at his chest; it seems a soldier managed to shoot him with a Strun. He was bleeding. 'Well, this is one of the few times I need a medkit' he thought. He looked around searching for a healing kit in the room; there had to be one nearby! There! An operation chamber. He somehow managed to walk into the room, leaving a trail of blood. He was feeling dizzy. 'Just a few seconds and I'll lose consciousness...can't let it happen!' He quickly put a bandage around his wound, then absorbed a healing orb from the locker. 'That's better.' He was still a bit dizzy, and his field of view was limited. He couldn't get out on his own. 'Where the hell are you guys?!' he thought. His cell was supposed to meet five minutes ago!

He walked back into the chamber he came from. And there they were: his trusted comrades, looking back at him and smiling behind their Warframes' helmets.
'Took you guys long enough.' he said.
'Sorry Nihlis, the patrols were a bit thicker than we calculated.' Excalibur replied.
'Whatever, let's just get this over with, and head back home. I...can't make it out without you guys.'
Excalibur, Ash and Rhino nodded simultaneously. They raised the core and destroyed it with concentrated firepower. When the last energy tank shattered into pieces, the lights suddenly fell out. The ship was powerless. Their mission was completed.
'Well done, Tenno.'
The Lotus. Their silent guardian and guide through these dark times. They all heard her in their heads. They all knew what to do.
With Nihlis as their guiding light, they dashed and slashed through the uncountable corridors of the ship, to their extraction point.

After ten minutes of bloody horror, they finally arrived.
'But...wait...this isn't right.' he said. 'Why has the Lotus sent only three escape shuttles?'
'I...I don't know either...what's going on?' Rhino said.

'One more thing, Excalibur...eliminate Nihlis.'
'Wait...you can't be serious, Lotus. Why...? He hasn't done anything...!' Excalibur thought.
'His mind became corrupted. His heart strives for revenge for his fallen comrades. This revenge blinds him and makes him a threat to our further operations. End him.'
'I won't kill my trusted comrade, Lotus. Not even for you!' Excalibur replied loudly.
Everyone looked up at him. Only Nihlis didn't know what was going on. 'What...why would you...? I don't understand...!' 'What the hell is going on...what is this?!' Nihlis thought.
They heard footsteps in the corridors; Excalibur's shout led the Grineer to their extraction point.

'THAT'S AN ORDER, HAYDEN!' the Lotus shouted. Excalibur's head was echoing her voice. Did she really just call him by his real name...?!
'I told you not to call me like that! I refuse to kill him!'
'As you wish...then we'll have to do this the hard way.'
Suddenly, he could feel the Lotus took control of Excalibur's Warframe. He had no more control over his actions.
'NIHLIS! WATCH OUT!' he shouted. But it was too late. His Skana was pointing out of Nihlis' chest, and his comrade was at the brink of death.
Nihlis' helm fell off his head; the only sign of a Tenno's final defeat. The footsteps became louder and they could hear Grineer commanders control their soldiers.
Nihlis looked at his comrade one last time, with a face full of questions and anger. Excalibur was crying behind his mask.
'I...I'm sorry...I...I didn't want this...forgive me, please!'
Excalibur looked into Nihlis' eyes. Once beautiful and blue, his eyes slowly turned red. His white hair, once blinding and graceful, was black as the night. His friend gave into his anger.
The Lotus, still in control of Excalibur, Ash and Rhino, moved the three into their escape pods and launched them into the deep space. To their home.

They saw Nihlis collapse while he was screaming the words "I'll kill you all!" at them.
How could this happen? Why them, why now? As if there were that many Tenno left!
'Lotus...I will not forget this. I will not forgive you for what you have done.'
'You sure are a troublesome one. Then I'll force you to forget. All of you. This mission never happened.'

The Lotus erased their memories of the past two hours, and all their memories about Nihlis. As if the mission and their comrade never existed.

*meanwhile in the Grineer ship, the Manticore*

The Grineer found him. His Warframe was lying in pieces next to him. His weapons were shattered into pieces. He was bleeding and wounded severely, and almost dead. And yet...there was a flame in his eyes. A strong will that didn't let him die. A part of him dedicated to revenge.
The Grineer soldiers brought his body and Warframe to Earth, alongside with the remains of his weapons. The Sisters offered him a chance to get his revenge.

'You'll be guarding our higher positioned captains and generals.'
'Rather said, avenging them. Once those Tenno scum show up and murder one of them, you get on their trail and kill them.'
'In return, we will provide you with what is our best weaponry and materials to create your own.'

'So you are the Sisters, huh...You look even uglier than I thought.' Nihlis said.

'Insolent brat! I'll show you...'
'That's enough, Marda. Calm down. This anger...this arrogance...this will be his weapon. This is our perfect hitman. Don't you see?'
'On the second thought...maybe...yes...he could be our man. What is your answer, Tenno?'
'Don't you f*cking call me a Tenno again, you ugly Grineer piece of sh*t! I'm not one of them anymore...I don't want to be...'
'What. Is. Your. Answer.'
'Tell us.'
'You give me the things I ask for, and you stay the f*ck out of my business. You stick your noses in my stuff, I f*cking kill you. Got that?'
'You are hired. From now on, you shall be known as the Stalker.'

'One last thing. On your missions, spare no-one. Not even our soldiers. Understood?'

'Basically kill everything that moves. Got it.'

'Now go. Bring death upon our enemies.'
'Where's the f*cking smith on this deserted sh*thole you call your home...?'



I saw the codex entry. I think I'm starting to understand the story behind all of this. Still, I will leave this thread open for anyone to read.

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Sorry but the only true Stalker's story i accept is this one: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/37951-stalkers-struggle-the-dark-tale-of-everyones-favorite-hallucination-completed/


Best fan story ever.

.....you came all the way to my story just to show another one and p*ss over mine? Thank you.

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