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How Difficult Is The Void?



Hello peoples.... I have had a few void keys for a while and I am wondering how difficult the void is to solo. I don't really have any friends that play and my clan seems very inactive (not sure if it is a timezone thing or not) but if somebody could please give me some level ranges for the raid and exterminate Lvl 2 that would be great. I have a lvl 30 vauban a lvl 20 volt (currently my favorite atm) a 30 braton, 30 revolver (Don't remember the name), 30 dual eathers, and a 24 HEK.

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Would I be able to solo the raid and the t2 with my volt and my braton or HEK? Also is there even anything really stellar about the void or is it just another place to go?

Raid of any Tier is solo-able. It's one of the few that is easy no matter what tier. Just be prepared for high level enemies in T3.

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T2? Well, I think, that you can make them with your current gear...

1. Enemies are armored. But Vasto with Hornet Strike and Armor Piercing should do the trick.

2. Hek can be nice for the minions, but you'd like something more powerful for the big guys. And again, Vasto in the head should be nice.

3. Dual Ethers are nice, give them Fury and high level Pressure Point.

4. Take Volt. Vauban is too porcelain, and his abilities are stationary.


1. You can die really easily. Not even because of enemies, because of traps. That's why you want someone to watch your back and revive you.

2. You can (and you WILL) run low on ammo. Take few ammo boxes, and meele weaker enemies.

3. containers can contain mods or orbs, but they can also contain explosives. There's no way to differ them.

4. You might want to destroy every laser plate before entering some rooms.

5. Pressure plates can open secret rooms, but they can also tigger lasers, turrets or shock-orbs.

6. Watch a few vids with Void runs on YT. They can be useful, because you'll know how many mobs are there, how strong they are, and where the secret rooms are hidden.

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Maxed Hek actually tears through anything in the void bar high level defense waves(as is the bane with all not armor ignoring weapons).

T1 and T2 shouldnt be a problem at all.

T3 solo as Volt probably would need a slower approach but still very doable.

As for T3 defense...eh...dunno if going into that with Volt is fun,doable sure but fun?Eh...

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Also is there even anything really stellar about the void or is it just another place to go?


It's a nice place to visit, lots of hidden rooms, and some timed parkour challenges (rooms with mods at the end), plus you get either prime BPs/parts, forma or forma BPs for completing each mission. Well worth the visit. But like any tileset, after you have run in several times it loses it's sparkle a bit.

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