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Proposed Trinity Changes


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Combine Her 1 and 2 into just her 1 abilities, and make 2 and aoe low damage knockback at a targeted location, give it a lob effect like vaubans nades and make it some nature themed looking thing that explodes after a 1 second, knocks enemies back and does a little damage.

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combining frist and second skill could be awesome.

but something like LInk she is connected to the enemy.
if trinity hit the target or kill she gain 400 health and 100 energy
if enemy hit the target or kill enemy it is divided 200 health to trinity and 200 to that guy, with energy that same 50 energy for trinity and 50 energy to that guy.
this should be 2 nd skill 50 energy cost. there will be no problem with playing in team, if someone will kill the target trinity wont lose her energy.

and first skill that cost for the beggining 0 energy.
steal one of the enemy power. When steal that power it change our first skill to that stealed, after 60 seconds the skill dissapear and steal skill is back to us we can't use stealed ability we must steal another skill. Stealed skill cost us 25 energy.

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