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I know there have been a ton of discussion opened up on this issue but im just not sure what to do anymore.  Here is my predicament.  I have tried forwarding the ports to no avail.  I have set my Ip to strict to no avail.  I have ensure Upnp is on and off and did all of the above things in every possible combination that i can fathom.  And still I get the STRICT NAT screen every time i log in.  Is there anything or anyone that can help me out here cause I really like this game and me and a friend were playing but now he gets the NAT message and can't play with me anymore and my bro plays and same thing just not sure what else I can do to resolve this problem.

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Even if you forward the ports, you will still get the message. The message only notifies you that UPnP isn't working, and that you should make sure your ports are forwarded.

If your router has UPnP in its control panel, disable it, restart your router, enable it, and restart again. If you're still getting a UPnP issue, either your router is faulty and needs a firmware update, or your ISP may be enforcing a strict NAT or blocking specific ports.

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thanks guys still getting the message but the problem is gone now i can see ppl that i couldn't see before 


I have this problem like many others, and have come to the descision that my Router doesnt support Upnp. It would be interesting to know which routers are causing problems. 


A lot of routers have UPnP, but it's hardly "Universal" despite the name. The UPnP might be working fine, but you still may be suffering from a router that enforces a Strict NAT.


The message that pops up can be cause by any one of (or a combination of) the following 3 reasons:

1. Your router's UPnP isn't working properly

2. Your router enforces a Strict NAT

3. Your ports are not forwarded


Forwarding the ports for Warframe will NOT get rid of the pop up. The pop up is just a reminder, and forwarding the ports should bypass any troubles caused by Strict NAT settings or malfunctioning UPnP. Until you get a router with non-strict NAT and functioning UPnP, you will always get the popup. 


Assuming you've forwarded the ports, you should be able to play Warframe normally as if you didn't have a Strict NAT or disabled UPnP.

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