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Random Frame Idea


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I was doing some thinking and I believe I came up with a good idea for another warframe. I don't know if this idea has been mentioned or crossed the devs minds but I will still toss it out there. A frame that is entirely based on spikes. This frame's abilities would be spike based for instance:

1st ability: The warframe would shoot out a spike from there palm or somewhere. (no dirty minds needed)

2nd ability: The frame would lay down a spike trap that last for X amount of time and would slow enemies.

3rd ability: The frame would pound the ground and spikes would shoot up in X radius dealing damage and shortly incapacitating enemies. (as in they would just fall down and get up)

4th ability: The frame would force out spikes from its body and in every direction



(it would look somewhat like this but there would be a body in there and the spikes would be more rounded and thinner)


Well any who that is my idea for a frame. Please tell me what you think of it and if u can think of a name for the frame and its abilities because I am just not that creative. ;D

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I think the 3rd and 4th abilities should be switched. Right now, the 4th just sounds like Ember's Overheat and the 3rd ability seems good enough to become an ult if it impaled enemies instead of incapacitate them.


That's just my opinion.

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I would work on the current frames first, based on what I'm seeing here on the forums, no ones really happy with Ember, Volt, Mag, Banshee, or even Ash for that matter. 

I read somewhere on the forums that Vauban and Nova will be the new standard, so most likely all the warframes prior to those two would need work in order to meet that standard.

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The raw idea itself sounds like it could be a very offensive based warframe, something like nova...but a more physical powers rather then anti-matter energy.


Although i could suggest maybe some sort of utility power or a team buff.


Make a power something like...."serrated skin", grants the team a hybrid effect. A watered down version of rhino's "iron skin", as well as the mod effect of "Retribution"


Make the team tank like for a certain damage cap, as well as deflecting 50% damage back at enemies.


Not a solid idea, maybe you can see where i'm going with it.

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