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Void Match Streamlining.


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If Arid Fear did anything, it did show me one of the underlying problems with the Void set up as it is.


especially for people who can't host the things or can't find people they can run it with.



I'd like to propose the notion of a Public Void Area/ Junction



Where you can make your void key lobby's accessible to the Matchmaking system. Essentially you'd go here Use a key to create a lobby and then get randoms looking for that tier or go looking for the Tier and mission you want.



It be separated by Mission Type and Tier, This node is Raid T1, This node is for Raid T2, Etc Etc and then a node for Events like Arid Fear if they do a void event again.



This would cut down on the rather clunky hit or miss way void missions work since  a large number of us run Void missions with strangers anyway.  You can still use the more private setup method, but this is more for people who have keys to burn but don't want to have to try surfing the deluge of LFs that is the Recruit chat -A hive of scum and villainy- for either able bodies or the Mission your looking for.



This would also in theory allow people with hosting issues to atleast be paired with people they can host or play with since it allow for the Matchmaking to intervene.

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I'd like to see this. I've recently been unable to join about half of the Void runs I've been invited to. Recruiting channel is full of LF Void, so it's not like random matchmaking isn't happening. People are manually doing it already.


Pretty much, I mean this would just speed up the process, and leave your friends list for, well for your friends.


That and with matchmaking you'd have some defense against the dreaded three people dropped mid mission scenario.

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Yeah, we need a better system. Heck, even if it was just the simple ability to invite ppl that weren't on your friends list, it would go a long way. I don't know who 90% of the people on my friends list are because most of them are just random invites for the purpose of doing void runs.

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