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Results Of A Little Transmute Poll And Suggestions


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First of all, if i'm not posting this in the right place, please move it,  thanks.


Yesterday i thought i'd ask the community about their opinion on the "new" feature we have now, Transmute.

https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/95855-transmute-function/ this is the link to the topic.




People with tons of money used it to successfully get mods they were missing by investing tons of money, and i can't stress that enough.


The rest tried it a few times, like i did, and said they aren't using it again.




This leads to some questions:

1. Is it really necessary?


In my opinion, it's not useless, but in its actual form it's a really bad investment if you don't have tons of mods and 2-3 millions to spend, leaving not-that-rich people on the outside.


2. Does it need to get removed?


No. Simply NO. I hate it in its actual form, but i don't have to use it. Also, improved in the good way it could be a masterpiece feature.


3. How can it be improved?


Hey! We got to the suggestion part!


Sgt_Bilko said:

The transmute system needs a set crafting table 

i.e 4 Common Power Mods = 1 Uncommon Power Mod, or even 2 Freeze (Common) + 2 Ice Wave (Uncommon) = 1 Ice Wave partially ranked up


I think it could be a really awesome addition if it can be implemented right.]


It got me thinking. De_Steve mentioned in the last livestream that he plays Path of Exile (i play that too and it's so cool to hear that :D ).


These too things rang a bell and then it hit me: Transmute Recipes!! (if someone else suggested this before, please let me know and i'll give full credit. I just didn't have the time to check)


Sooooo... Let me explain how recipes work in Path of Exile: if you go to a vendor and sell item X, Y and Z, you WILL get item Q. If you sell item F,G,U,I,O you WILL get item M (forgive the lack of inspiration), quality also counts.


How could this be implemented in Warframe?

Glad you asked! (Barney™)


We divide the mods like so: common, uncommon, rare, and then critical chance, critical damage, elemental damage, damage, powers, defensive (shield, hp, armor, regen) and the list goes on in this manner.


Then we implement recipes.



- having power mods as results is the biggest failure of them all, so i suggest removing them from the outcome pool.

- polariy and weapon type do not count, but warframe mods WILL be differentiated from weapon mods.

- make it cost less PLEASE!!


Examples of recipes:

4 identical mods: a fusion core of the same rarity. <<<---THIS i want


1 crit dmg mod + 1 elemental mod + 1 armor piercing = 1 pure dmg mod (type of weapon is random, so using only shotgun mods will not result in shotgun dmg mod.) EXAMPLE ONLY, to not be taken literally.


Implemented in the right way, it could be really useful to all playerbase.


What do you guys think?

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Personally I would have implemented this into a dojo feature. (one of those things which makes people want to go to the dojo features) becaause i feel we really need more of those.


Instead of making transmute with RNG which could potentially give you an absolute rubbish mod for the mods you used in transmute, it shoudl have two options.


First option:- Turns used mods into a fusion core.

Second Option:- Requires X amount of mod type to get a rare mod.


This can be expended on quite substantially too.

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in its actual form it's a really bad investment if you don't have tons of mods and 2-3 millions to spend, leaving not-that-rich people on the outside.


I believe this is why they implemented it in the first place, because people had all these mods and credits and nothing they could do with them. For that, it serves it's purpose.

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