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Lets Do Something Cool To Put Wf On The Map.


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Warframe already has about three million players according to steam. but its still not "mainstream" all my casual gamerbuddies look at me funny when i talk about it. and i think Warframe kinda deserves to be a really big name, dont you? i mean. we're in open BETA and look at all this awesome content. So why dont we do for Warframe what people like DasBoschitt did for gmod? and by that i mean make alot of really cool entertainment content using Warframe! i have several ideas for this. unfortuneatly some of them require homemade animation using in game models. and i dont think DE would let us do that. Unfortutly i have the artistic skill of a fingerless baby monkey. but yeah. umm if this thread gets enough attention i'll edit in my ideas! 

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