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Idea: Ability Glyph System


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I was thinking that it would be neat if Warframe had some sort of glyph system to alter skill behaviors to cater/create different play styles. They could come in the form of another set of mod slots, the gylphs themselves perhaps dropped rarely from bosses on a separate drop table to prevent further drop congestion.


For instance, there could be a glyph that allows you two toss two Teslas at a time, at the cost of 220% the usual energy, or a glyph that decreases the radius of Fireblast by 70% and removes the DoT, but deals 300% the inital damage.



If you like the idea think of a glyph you'd like to see!

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i like this idea, i had a similar idea where after your power mod cards hit their cap, you could buy a token for creds from the in game market. and then evolve the power to a stronger version. then they can be leveled up for about the same amount of mod points it took to reach the top level on the unevolved for each level. but this lets for more variety

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