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Contagion Damage



i'd like to know how exactly contagion works

but to not miss any numbers flying out of the enemies done by melee with 2 perfectly same scenarios , one with contagion and one without

so i'll just ask if one of you knows with an example

the fragor

we put in killing blow , sundering strike and molten impact

all maxed

no crit or stealth

the enemy has 100% normal damage , 100% armor penetration damage and 50% fire damage as resistance multipliers

so a charge attack would do 500+450+225=1175

so i use a maxed contagion , no focus mod , aka 60% more melee damage

what do i get?

does it only affect the melee damage?(resulting in a total of 1475 damage)does it just take the usual total damage and gives a bonus on that(resulting in a total of 1880 damage)

what is it?

anyone did some tryouts and has sure and definite results?

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