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Warframe Special Passive "ability"


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This is an idea to give each Warframe its own passive "ability"


For example:


Frosts weapon damage would all do innate Freeze damage


Volts weapon damage would all do innate Shock damage


Ember weapon damage would all do innate Fire damage


Saryn weapon damage would all do innate Poison damage


These changes would need to go alongside the elemental overhaul, which would include elemental mods not adding damage, but instead modifying it. Freeze bullets would slow the enemy, Shock bullets would stagger the enemy and Fire bullets would cause the enemy to panic. When Poison mods come out, the bullets would leave a DoT.


Other frames passive would be more difficult to figure. Maybe Rhino cannot be knocked down or staggered. Maybe Excalibur takes no damage when blocking bullets (as a huge Excalibur Prime fan, I would love this).


This would just be another way to further diversify classes, and insinuate each classes role.


Leave suggestions/feedback/criticism, and if you agree, what each frames passive ability should be. Thanks for reading,


EDIT: Syntax

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The game developers current focus is to balance the current Warframes, more specifically Trinity and Ember, with their current set of abilities before working on all the Warframes as a whole. They don't have enough people to split their focus.

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Well, if one frame has them, all frames should have them. Some probably pretty terrible ideas below:


Ash - Good resistance to melee attack damage.

Banshee - Weapons fire has slightly less chance of alerting enemies (assuming silence is replaced with something useful.)

Ember - High fire resistance.

Excalibur - Block reduces more damage the longer it's held, improves next melee attack (or slash dash.)

Frost - High ice resistance, less shield reduction on ice hazard maps.

Loki - Slowly loses aggro automatically.

Mag - Low chance to deflect damage from next enemy shot, due to magnetic fields.

Nova - Slight reistance to laser weapons for some sort of pseudo science rubbish reason.

Nyx - I'm really stuck here, maybe same as Loki?

Rhino - Good Knockdown resistance.

Saryn - Good poison resistance

Trinity - Revives downed allies at a faster rate.

Vauban - Can pass through corpus laser doors, because he's the master of traps.

Volt - High Electricity resistance, faster shield recharge rate.


Prime Frames - They have the box trap thing.


Edit: as you can see, I really struggled for ideas with some frames.

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