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XB1 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.6 [LIVE!]


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Update 22.20.6 has passed Cert and will be launching TOMORROW, June 5th at ~11AM ET! This update is a juicy 3GB, so deploy might take longer than usual. Red Text will be there to guide you through the process!


The console team has done it again! Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.6 has been sent off to Cert! This update includes content from Update 22.19.0 all the way to Hotfix 22.20.6 (plus some other handpicked goods). And yes, that does mean we’ve included that meaty 22.20.0 update into the mix. Big round of applause to the team who got that mainline monster and more wrapped up into this upcoming XB1 update!

Here’s just some of what you can expect in Update 22.20.6:


Drape your Warframe in the latest in TennoGen fashion. This Syandana bundle is coming at you from TennoGen Round 12!  

Ak-Sura Syandana by malayu and Cobalt 
Despot Cape Syandana by Volkovyi and Sab531 
Du Volpi Syandana by Volkovyi and led2012 
Mithra Syandana by lukinu_u 
Mushussu Syandana by Stenchfury 
Sovereign Syandana by BeastBuster

This is the first TennoGen Round 12 bundle of the batch! All remaining items will be released in future updates. We appreciate your understanding as mainline updates require a lot of attention and care to be launched as soon as possible with the best of quality.



We’ve given her many nicknames; the Countess of Corrosion, the Lady of Toxin, the Queen of Viral, the Mistress of Maladies… the list goes on. Well, she’s received the dev workshop treatment and is making an entrance on XB1 with a whole new set of tools on her belt! 

Saryn will be receiving the following changes from the Saryn Revisited 2.0 and Spores Revisited Dev Workshops, and will also include the PC Hotfix 22.20.7 changes!  

PLUS! As originally promised in the Saryn Revisited Workshop, to get you prepared for your potential loadout Revisiting, we will be running a 7-day Forma alert starting after Devstream #112 on Friday, June 1st at 3 p.m. ET. 

[Expand Spoiler below to check out all the changes]



Inflicts target with a pox of Corrosive Spores. Spread Spores to nearby enemies at a base range of 16m by shooting a Spore, hitting an enemy with Toxic Lash active, killing an enemy with or without Toxic Lash active, or on death (on targets you directly cast Spores onto and/or targets affected by Miasma).

  • Spores’ damage growth over time per Spore is determined per enemy infected up to a maximum of 10 infected enemies:
    • 2 damage (can be modded with Ability Strength) per enemy infected by Spores every second up to a maximum of 10 enemies. To specify, the number of infected enemies is uncapped! You can infect more than 10 enemies, but the damage growth is dependent on that max. For example: 5 infected enemies would set the damage growth to 10 damage every second (Modded damage growth of x * # of enemies infected up to 10). Reaching 10 infected enemies caps the damage growth at 20 every second.
  • A meter in the bottom right corner of your screen will show the number of infected enemies and the damage per second dealt to the infected enemies.
  • Damage per second “decays” (decrease over time) when no infected enemies remain:
    • The damage per second you’ve accumulated will first instantly drop by 20%, which will then commence the decay of the remaining damage by 10% per second (affected by Duration mods).
    • Decaying can be observed in the damage per second meter located above Saryn’s ability icons. Drain will occur once per half second.
    • Decay refreshes every .5 seconds.
    • Nullifying effects (including Data-Conduits) increases the decay by 30% per second.
  • Recast on enemies for a 20% decrease to its damage per second (scales with Ability Strength) for 50% of the Energy Cost.
  • Increased Status Chance from 10% to 50% (scales with Ability Strength).
  • Venom Dose Augment: Spores cast on allies temporarily grant them additional Corrosive damage to all attacks.


Shedding her skin like a snake, Saryn leaves a decoy behind to draw fire from enemies.  


  • After casting, Saryn receives a momentary speed boost for a short duration.
  • Molt now scales similar to Rhino’s Iron Skin - All the initial damage it takes in the first 3 seconds will make it stronger. Any damage it receives after that point will target the absorbed health.
  • Damage absorbed is shown in a buff indicator at the top of the screen.
  • Once all absorbed damage has dispensed, Molt explodes dealing Toxin damage to nearby enemies.

Toxic Lash:

While active, attacks deal additional Toxin damage; this effect is doubled for melee strikes. Instantly spread Spores when attacking infected enemies. Additionally:

  • Increased Duration from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • Toxic Lash no longer grants 2 Energy restore when bursting Spores - With the new spreading nature of Spores, survivability of Molt, and the increased duration of Toxic Lash and Miasma, Saryn is not as Energy hungry as she was before!
  • A buff icon for Toxic Lash displays so you can see the bonus (ie: after Growing Power, Energy Conversion, and other temporary power-strength buffs are applied).
  • Contagion Cloud Augment: Kills with Toxic Lash leaves behind a Toxin cloud and Melee kills double the damage dealt by the cloud.


Release a poisonous miasma that deals Viral damage to enemies in range. Foes afflicted by Spores are more susceptible to the mist. Additionally:

  • Now has a 100% guaranteed Viral Status Effect on damage tick.
  • Increased range from 15 meters to 20 meters (at Rank 30).
  • Increased duration from 4 to 6 seconds.
  • Lowered Energy cost to 75.
  • Miasma inflicts double damage on targets infected by Spores.
  • When recasting on the same enemy it will refresh the tick duration and maintain the Viral Status Effect, but will not stun enemies a second time until the Status Effect ticks have subsided.
  • Decreased damage tick to 300.

General Saryn Changes:

  • Increased Saryn’s Armor from 175 to 225 (at Rank 30)
  • Increased Saryn Prime’s Armor from 225 to 300 (at Rank 30)
  • Made some minor FX updates to Saryn’s Abilities!
  • Spores received a slight improvement to the FX.
  • Reduced the brightness of Miasma.
  • Improved FX to make her Molt cast more pronounced.
  • Spores have been optimized.
  • Saryn is also coming with a whole new set of sounds voiced by [DE]Danielle!!
  • Added Abilities screen stats for Saryn Molt speed buff & duration.



Update 22.17.0 brought you Part 1 of the Dojo Remaster series with a new set of decorating tools, functionality, and a whole plethora of Decorations. Suffice to say we’ve been blown away with what you’ve created so far, so why not give you more?! 

Lighting Remaster!
Polychrome has a new function: Room Lighting Controls! Construct and place a Polychrome to explore all the new lighting and fog options for each room in your Dojo!

Obstacle Course Architect!

Construct your own custom Obstacle Course with the Obstacle Course Architect in your Dojo! Put your clanmates skills to the test with:

  • Disappearing platforms!
  • Lasers and pressure-pads that you should avoid at all costs!
  • Dummies you need to kill to complete the course!
  • And much more!

General Dojo Additions!

  • Over 90 Tenno and Orokin Decorations!
    • This update is coming with the reduced Oxium crafting cost for Orokin Decorations and the Orokin Cell crafting requirement replacement changes from PC Hotfix 22.20.7
  • 5 new Pigment colors!



EQUINOX CLISTHERT HELMET - When they are night you are day. When they are light, you are the all-encompassing dark. A demon helm befitting a Warframe of savage duality.


Sentinel Precepts (Max Rank):

  • Wyrm - Negate - Sentinel prevents Status Effects from applying to its owner once every 5 seconds.
  • Djinn - Reawaken - Upon death, automatically revives itself after 90 seconds.
  • Carrier - Looter (reworked original) - Destroys Loot crates within 12 meters.

Data-Parse Widget: 

  • Synthesis Scanner will now show target enemy weaknesses and resistances.


  • Increased the range of Ensnare.
  • Removed the Line of Sight check from Ensnare to make it more reliable.
  • Range Mods now affect Whipclaw's AoE radius, but it is capped.
  • Khora's Whipclaw can now damage decorations (crates, barrels, etc).
  • Khora's Kavat now teleports to a given target instead of pathing there if the target is too far away!
  • Changed Khora’s Venari animations from domestic Kavat to Feral Kavat.
  • Adjusted a number of Syandanas to fit Khora better.
  • Tweaked Venari command sounds.
  • Khora’s Whipclaw animation has been updated to better reflect the aim direction.
  • Operators can no longer be targeted for Venari to Heal. This follows precedent with other Warframe Abilities not being castable on Operators.



This update also brings experimental cursor changes that are part of the grander UI changes to come in the future. You're already familiar with the Star Chart cursor that allows you to move about the map and select nodes on the fly. Until now, that's been the only place where you can use a free-moving cursor. Well, we've brought that functionality across all UI menus! This includes your Arsenal, Mods, Foundry, Codex, Market, Pause Menu, and much much more. 

We understand that these are enormous changes for all console players, and especially for those who have been playing Warframe exclusively on console.  When the changes go live, it will definitely require some practice before you've got it nailed down and can cruise around the UI with no problems. There will be quite a bit of muscle memory to work against, so to better prepare you, we have a Dev Workshop: 


No longer shall you go without dazzling FX as new GPU Particles are coming with a large library of Warframes, Weapons, and more!


GPU Particles bring beautiful visuals to Warframe by:

  • Interacting with the environment.
  • Responding to game physics and gravity.
  • Responding to explosions and collisions.

When the update goes live you can enjoy GPU Particles at varying intensities that can be changed in your "Display" Options: Disabled/Low/Medium/High... LUDICROUS*!

*Ludicrous setting is only available on the Xbox One X!


  • The Operator screen will display a new opening UI! Switch between Equipment, Focus, and Appearance.
  • Added a North indicator to both the Plains of Eidolon minimap and Advanced Map. 
  • Added the ability to replay the Once Awake quest !
  • Added a 'CLAIM ALL' button to the Foundry that appears when you have more than 1 item ready to Claim.
  • Added Growing Peculiar Mod to Onslaught rewards! Damage causes enemy to inflate.
  • Weekly Leaderboards will now show a reset timer!
  • Real-time audio mixing is now handled by our new RTPC (Real-Time Parameter Control) system, which allows greater precision and control of the game-wide mix.
  • ...and more! 


[Expand Spoiler below for just a preview of some the changes that will be coming]

  • Napalm and Rocket Bombard QoL Changes:
    • Bombard (all variants)
      • Reduced explosion radius from 6m to 4m.
      • Lowered the Tusk Bombard’s base health from 350 to 300.
    • Napalm (all variants)
      • Reduced explosion radius from 10m to 4m.
      • Reduced lifetime of fire explosion FX from 10s to 7s.
      • Added a damage element to those fire FX - Minor Heat damage and Heat proc if touched.
  • You will be able to engage in more cerebral combat with the Scrambus/Comba enemies using visual cues to take them down - their Nullify aura has been replaced with a power that they can activate in combat. Upon use, it creates an expanding sphere that nullifies players’ Abilities, and disrupts them for 2.5 seconds. Similar to Nullifiers, shooting off a Scrambus/Comba's helmet will negate the sphere
  • Dargyn Changes:
    • Increased mounted Dargyn projectile damage from 250 to 450 and increased the clip size from 50 to 75.
    • Increased the spawn frequency of Dargyn patrol and idle Dargyn encounters when roaming the Plains.
    • You will be able to perform Darygn theft in the following ways:
      • Shooting the Pilot, causing the Dargyn to float to the ground for boarding.
      • Using Loki’s Switch Teleport on the Pilot.
      • Using a finisher from behind while using Archwing, allowing you to transition from Archwing to Dargyn.
  • The Spear Fishing HUD has received a more sophisticated look and function. Selecting a Spear in your Gear wheel will open the Fishing HUD where you can switch between Spear, Dye, and Bait on the fly.
  • Onslaught mission Credits will be rewarded every 2 successful Zones. This eliminates being able to achieve free Credits in the initial spawn room by letting the timer run out.
  • Added a new Camera Edit UI to the Advanced Mode settings in Captura:
    • You will be able to see what camera is being highlighted in Advanced Mode
    • Helpful tool-tips have been added to guide you in your cinematic production.
  • Melee head kills will count as headshots (they already counted towards the "Get 10 headshots" challenge).
  • Melee attacks (including spin attacks) will no longer sweep through walls or objects. 
  • Melee attacks will freely pass through enemies in Range (i.e an enemy cannot block another enemy from being hit).
  • Numerous weapons have received the PBR treatment!
  • Harrow’s Condemn, Thurible, and Gara’s Shattered Lash (stab) will be usable on ziplines.
  • Gara’s Splinter Storm will apply a HUD buff when cast on self to help manage when casting on many targets.
  • Eidolon Lures will wait until the Eidolon has fully disappeared to be auto-destroyed, instead of being auto-destroyed when the sun rises at dawn.
  • Increased time given by targets in the Round 11 Mastery Rank Test from 3.5 seconds to 5 seconds and added aim assist to targets to make them slightly easier to hit.
  • Crouching will be stateful! If you let go of crouch while in a small tunnel, your Warframe will now stand up when it can.You will also be able to crouch while parrying.
  • Updated several ability stat descriptors to make them clearer.
  • Syndicate Pickups will be auto-marked on the first pickup!
  • You will be able to purchase multiple copies of Arcane Blueprints in Hok and Quills Offerings.
  • Updated naming filter to allow players to use appropriate words that contain inappropriate words, like “assassin”.
  • Removed profanity filter from Loadout names.
  • Exodia Contagion’s Infested grenade 30 meter damage multiplier will also take into account your combo multiplier.
  • Exiting the Relic selection menu will count as a non-vote instead of a decline. Previously ‘Exiting’ from the Relic selection screen counted as "declining" the mission, which you could not undo unless you left the squad, or the mission is cancelled entirely.
  • … and more! 



[Expand Spoiler below for just a preview of some the fixes that will be coming]

  • Tons of Sanctuary Onslaught fixes including (but not limited to):
    • Fixed End of Mission rank being A- when aborting before a Zone has been completed.
    • Fixed being left behind if you jumped through the Onslaught Conduit and the timer ran down as you were still transitioning.
    • Fixed kills made by Mirage's Hall of Mirror clones not contributing towards Onslaught Efficiency.
  • Fixed Gara’s Splinter Storm not refunding Energy if the target dies during the cast animation.
  • Fixed being unable to Chat link Dokrahm, Rabvee or Sephfan Zaws.
  • Fixed cases of Beam weapons not doing damage inside Limbo’s Stasis.
  • Fixed max Ranked Arcanes appearing grayed out in the Codex if you didn’t own a separate Unranked one.
  • Fixed transferring to Operator while sprinting causing inability to toggle sprinting off as Operator.
  • Fixed Vazarin’s Void Aegis blocking friendly projectiles.
  • Fixed Panthera’s Punch Through not going through enemies.
  • Fixed Vazarin’s Mending Soul (at max rank) applying more instant revives after Transferring in and out of Operator mode.
  • Fixed weapons like the Opticor having its hits blocked by your companion. Also fixed the hits sometimes not taking effect if other geometry was nearby.
  • Fixed Drones not following players if they are riding on a Dargyn.
  • Fixed Kuva Survival Catalyst pickups sometimes getting stuck in a fall-teleport loop.
  • Fixed Knell gaining multiple procs for a single shot on Client.
  • Fixed Rivens not unveiling in Cetus/Relays if you have unread Inbox messages.
  • Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream Energy stat on Abilities screen displaying as 0 after you've used it once.
  • Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream breaking if you run out of Energy while in Operator.
  • Fixed Nezha’s Reaping Chakram damage not getting doubled for every enemy hit for Clients.
  • Fixed Naramon’s Void Stalker Critical Chance buff being applied to non-Melee weapons
  • … and much much more! 

We’ll update you here first when the update has passed cert! Check back for an official launch date when that happens.  

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awesome. ludicrus settings only available on xbox oneX. so, so much for not enhancing any side of the game for the upper consoles. thanks for mentioning this prior. my bank account is gonna take a hit now. i HAVE to get a oneX. i did NOT follow Steves FX hype to be told i cant play w it on a normal xbox. i thought he said ludicrus was working well w mac. so xbox is worse then mac now?


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DE, if it ain't broke, then please don't fix it!

The cursor system (or whatever it's called) on console, is just fine, and works smoothly. I tried using my controller on PC ('cause if you're a noob, you won't always pay attention to the story), and for U.I. stuff, it's clearly not made to be used that way with a controller (even the nav system on PC doesn't work well with a controller, compared to console); it's meant to be used with a mouse. If you want to add the ability to make it like how it is on PC, fine, but don't just straight up replace the current one without asking us please!

1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:



This update also brings experimental cursor changes that are part of the grander UI changes to come in the future. You're already familiar with the Star Chart cursor that allows you to move about the map and select nodes on the fly. Until now, that's been the only place where you can use a free-moving cursor. Well, we've brought that functionality across all UI menus! This includes your Arsenal, Mods, Foundry, Codex, Market, Pause Menu, and much much more. 

We understand that these are enormous changes for all console players, and especially for those who have been playing Warframe exclusively on console.  When the changes go live, it will definitely require some practice before you've got it nailed down and can cruise around the UI with no problems. There will be quite a bit of muscle memory to work against, so to better prepare you, we will be posting a Dev Workshop that will detail the changes coming to console (and upcoming changes for PC controller users).

We will also be closely watching for your feedback after you've had a chance to test it out!


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If I'm reading and understanding  Canadian English correctly the coming changes to syndicate marks on the map being auto marked after the first pick up means I'll have a reason to run these mission types again. Lets face it searching for those marks in a see of white boxes sucks. I looking at the mini map more then the actual game. Thank you if this is indeed correct.

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16 hours ago, (XB1)gentxskynet said:

hope this means you are nerffing the enemies from being able to attack us through the walls as well. kinda op with nullifiers being able to attack through the walls. wasnt gonna gripe about it untill now when you are going to nerf us from being able to attack through walls. 

you can shoot through walls still. enemies arent meleeing you through walls

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How is a word describing a donkey or being a jerk  that's used in movie titles to describe somebody's badness "inappropriate" or was assassin just a tame example substituting (there's another one) for something actually considered inappropriate.

Either way it's sweet news.



Check your ITS and IT'S closely, Tenno!!

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