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Does Reach Increase "horizontal Attacks" ?



According to the wiki, on Gram's page, this is written:


With maximum Reach normal attacks can have a range of 3.2 meters. When striking horizontaly (includes charge attack) reach mod won't apply.


Is this true? Is this information outdated maybe? Orthos' charge attack is horizontal, and I'm sure that it does increase the range of it (especially when I could hit Toxic Ancients without being poison). However, I'd really like to know.


IF this is true, does that mean slide attacks aren't affected either since they are horizontal, or is it more specific than what the wiki says?


EDIT: It seems the same question was asked very recently and I didn't notice, but there weren't a definite answer to it: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/95356-gram-and-reach/?hl=%2Breach+%2Bhorizontal

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