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Dev Workshop: Upcoming Console Virtual Cursor Changes & D-Pad Functionality (for all Platforms)!

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5 hours ago, (PS4)iuvenilis said:


When will this be applied to consoles please? I'm not seeing this behavior for the chat menus. The chat seems to have some of the smallest menus requirring some real pin-point accuracy, and it's quite frustrating at the moment.

The L1/R1 (ps4) buttons randomly stop working. It seems to happen if I press either button before the current menu/screen has fully opened. Is this something that can be addressed please?

I'm on the PC, and I can say it still needs some work. You might want to let DE experiment on us until they release a few hotfixes.

A few quick examples:

Trying to scroll a large list of mods (Upgrading and Modding menus) or items (Inventory/Sell menu) doesn't work. Edit: Nor in the Options menus. The cursor hits the edge of the screen/menu and stops.

D-pad through tiny menus (Matchmaking mode, or the sort menus) is worse than the virtual cursor. It auto repeats too fast and without a delay, so just trying to move to the next item in the menu is brutal.

D-pad navigation sometimes goes in weird directions. In Inventory/Sell, d-pad left from the sorting menu goes southwest, not west. D-pad left from the top left relic in Void Relic Refinement skips right over the search field on its way to Invite Squad Member, but d-pad up doesn't.

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Added a directional weirdness in Void Relic Refinement. Can't scroll Optioms menus with the d-pad.
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Absolutely hate the new new UI,incredibly frustrating and counter intuitive to use,the previous UI was amazing,if I was using a mouse and keyboard I would imagine it would be better but using a virtual cursor with two thumb sticks,occasionally the Dpad the X button or the square button to confirm things is a complete mess,please go back to the previous UI or at least give players the option to get rid of the annoying virtual cursor 

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On 2018-06-05 at 8:43 PM, (PS4)doctor_em-15 said:

I will just add something to my previous post that I didn’t want to say initially, but do feel is necessary:

From Steve’s first tweet about this it has been abundantly clear that this change is not about “unifying the platforms” but rather about your console team being too lazy to make new additions playable. And you know what, it may be fine to you devs as you most likely primarily play on pc, but for us console players, we’re stuck with this jarring system of a virtual cursor that nobody asked for, nobody wanted, and was met with overwhelmingly negative responses in every instance that it has been suggested before release. Literally, if you look at Steve’s tweets, you will see that the majority of replies are us console players who knew from day one that it wouldn’t work, and would unanimously upset all players. I mean, region chat right now is just a spam of #RemoveTheCursor. 

DE, I love you and you are still my favourite developers in the industry by far, but this has got to be the biggest disregard of what players actually want in favour of the laziness of your dev teams.

If you actually have any respect for your console players, give us a working UI, please... We already have to pretty much switch off YouTube for a month after each quest releases to avoid spoilers, the least you can do is let us keep the UI that has worked perfectly for years, not this awful excuse to let your console teams not do their jobs.

If there was a way to downvote this update, I would. If there was a way to petition to get this changed, I would. I doubt anyone with any real influence will even read this, but if you do, just spend one minute on Console region chat and tell yourself you made the right decision.

Well said

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I like the idea, but I some reason don't see this being 'Console Friendly.' I am already having troubles navigating with the cursor and using the D-pad; There are times when I'm in chat trying to invite someone the d-pad option doesn't even work/ or even trying to use the cursor to select one of the options. Obviously, there are going to be updates to fix it. Can you add the option of switching back to D-pad use only not D-pad w/ Cursor. 

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I am not going to dismiss this update; but this update has made it a lot harder for Console players to navigate the UI. please put in an option to turn off the cursor so that we can use it the old way with the D-pad. That being said I still think this is an amazing game and look forward to upcoming game content

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