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Custom Crosshair


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Having gaming background from fast pace shooting game such as Quake and UT, I am used to have custom crosshair that fits my playstyle. The default crosshair is ok, but sometimes it can be hard to track due to the low intensity and all the flash visual effect from this game.


Would it be possible to implant crosshair customization? Such as:

Crosshair brightness - turn crosshair transplant or solid color depend on how visible player wants the crosshair

Crosshair color - red, blue, white, yellow, green etc, just perference

Crosshair size - small, medium, and large

Toggle crosshair on/off - some people like playing the game in realistic style. An option to allow crosshair to be turn off so player could just aim with laser beam/bolt. I think it would be kinda cool.



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This really is something i highly am in need of. Because the current crosshair is too easily misplaced or is not that bright enough to appear when theres too many explosions as OP stated, or even in the void with all the white rooms, its impossible to keep a track of the crosshair.

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