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Levelling Mastery.



Hi there I'm level 5 Mastery ATM looking to get to 6.


I've leveled a ton of stuff so far and I'll list it all but I really need some advice on how to level it all faster


Here's a list of frames I've had at 30:






I also had a Nyx I got to 12 and hated it.






Dual Heat Swords



Mk-1 + Normal braton

Starting sword










I was wondering if someone could plan out a way in weapons for me to get my next mastery rank.


I bought a Vauban today so that's 6k knocked off the 23k I need.

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You haven't got the Stalker items, not even 1? 


Try Sobek, Vulkar and Grakata for primary? Thats 9k off. 14k left.


Gorgon, Lex and Hikou for secondary, thats another 9k gone. 5k left. 


Gram, Duel Zorens, Bo, Amphis, Fang.. Theres many melees. 


Anyway, for the easier stuffs to level, go for Boar, Sobek, Grakata, Gorgon, Hikou, Amphis, Duel Zorens and Gram. Thats a total of 24k for weapons. 



Edit: I forgot to include Aklato, Akbolto and Vastor, pretty fun and good to use too. Too many choices out there.

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need mastery?

build all the weps and frames.

need xp to lvl said weps/frames?

go to def or mobile def, maybe a void run or two if you have the keys.

in the end, if you really want to get your mastery higher, you will need every wep and frame that warframe has to offer. im really not exaggerating.

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There is no way of doing it better just go through all the weapons I can though give you some tips on how to level fast. My "go-to" mission for levelling is Cyath on Eris it's Mobile Defense and that's the game-type you'll wanna be playing to level stuff up quick. If you don't have any luck finding partys on that mission you should try out Kiste on Ceres or Kappa/Graeae/Berehynia on Sedna.

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