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Farming Materials ( Tips And Tricks )


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My first tips and tricks ...

Ok i will start with the hardest to the most easy

Rubedo : try valefor , but latest I get my rubedo from the new defense mission in phobos ( try to get a frost in your team )

Plastids : do the Cassini raid mission or try hek ( 70 -300 plastids pe run)

Morphics : I get my Morphics from mercury ( its a bug if u kill a dude with a shield you will get trinyti Bp )

Neurodes : also from mercury latest

Orokin cells : each boss can drop a orokin cell

Alloy plate : make venera on Venus ( very good for polymer bundle and alloy plate )

Ferrite : do mercury its very easy and fast

Salvage : do Olympus the defense mission on mars

Nano sphores : I got 24 k of nano sphores ( u don't need nano sphores )

Neural sensors : do j3 golem

Control modules : do hyena ( it's hard but now you may get more than 1 control module )

Circuits : it seems to me that its preety hard now to get circuits but I do the jackal with a fully moded torid ( we can't recover the shields)

On this mission I farm if I miss a material PLZ tell ( I made it later in the night ) I promise it will be remaked

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