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Call For User Submissions: Fan Made Login Dioramas.


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I'm not much of an artist, and I can't see a way for me to illustrate this concept within the game, so I'll use whatever I have in my disposal to suggest this to you. (Silly Marketing slogans and Gorgeous, Beautiful, TEXT!)


A few months ago, A new player that entered the game would not have had much to go on in terms of relationships between the races.

The Grineer hated us, the Corpus hated us, and the Infested were probably hungry or something.

A lot of newfound depth has introduced us to many layers and connections between the Traders and the Militaristic faction... Feelings were numbed, and Goliaths were torn apart.

It didn't take us - the existing players - a lot of time to realize that the Enemy of my Enemy... also happens to be my Enemy.

Now, you could spend a few thousand words with plenty of dialogue, mission text, history and lore pages to explain the tension between the Grineer and the Corpus, and show the new recruits how they are not the only ones behind the cross-hairs...

But if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many will a Diorama get you?

My suggestion:

Simple, known, and highly efficient. I wouldn't be surprised if others have thought of it before, but I still believe it deserves to be in the game.

An old fashioned Mexican Standoff

  • In one corner of the triangle, a Tenno with the highly anticipated Dual Vastos*. I am uncertain whether these dioramas can use the Player's own customized Tenno, but it isn't particularly important which one is chosen for this one.
  • In another corner, a Grineer Commander wielding the deadly Dual Vipers. Not his usual choice for a weapon, but when a Space Ninja and a Robotic Engineer are present in both sides, it is best to have backup plan.
  • In the final corner, a Corpus Tech engineer using the recently-discovered Spectra in one hand and a Dera in the other! Years of advanced research were required to reload the Energy Rifle with a single hand.
I assume you get my idea at this point, there is obviously a lot of leeway in terms of execution - I'm only trying to suggest and inspire!

I think that this Dioarma would really fit in the game, and swiftly express the recent events and operations in the living universe of Warframe.

*(Can use a different Akimbo gun if the upcoming Vastos aren't an option, of course.)

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I hold no credit for this, but I thought this picture should at least be added, seeing as it isn't in here yet;


Source: http://patch-in-progress.tumblr.com/post/57170987648

Image Alone: http://31.media.tumblr.com/db0b8ecc2048381dd82e67624d9bfb89/tumblr_mqx0g0iBgg1qc6ovlo1_1280.png


This is currently my background :P


Edit: And here is something I ran into in my screenshots




I was thinking something like one of the Tenno ships flying through space would be cool

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Link to my submission: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/33/1376687417-2013-07-29-00006.jpg


As you can see, this is Nyx ulting in the middle of a pack of heavy gunner. It doesn't need to be the exact same set up, but COME ON.


Nyx is there, giving ZERO S#&$s whatsoever about the heavy gunners, and she's about to blow them all to bits!


Reasons to choose that as a log-in:


1. Nyx is featured (Nyx is awesome)


2. Nyx is facing the adversity and about to reverse the battle


3. The pose is cool and reminiscent of Excal's kneeling while there's 4 Grineers behind him (except Nyx is floating and facing 4 gunners)


4. That's a crowning moment of awesome for Nyx's ult right now (that only shines in such situation)


5. It's hilarious when you know what is about to happen


plz DE, plz 

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Mag and Nova standing side-by side excitedly showing each other their weaponry like childhood friends, while Trinity stands tip-toed and looks over Nova's shoulder with interest and Saryn stands in the background with her arms crossed like she's throwing a tantrum or something.

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Alright so I am picturing a defense mission diorama where the players' warframes are fighting off enemies of the node's faction.


(from left to right at mid range)


Player 1 is holding a pistol out aiming at an off screen enemy.

Player 2 is using a double dagger charge attack on a visible enemy

Player 3 is using their primary and aiming at an off screen enemy

Player 4 is in the act of slamming down a heavy weapon on an enemy

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I think Stalker needs more love.


If the player's frame were paired with the Stalker in an iaido style like Suiou-Ryuu Kumi-ai (that is, paired standing techniques with swords) with the Stalker drawn to attack and the player's frame drawn to block, I think that let everybody know that the Stalker is still out there to get us. It'd be an action shot with the camera above the frame's left shoulder with Stalker lunging at them. Maybe the Slash Dash aura should be around Stalker as this is going on as if he's charging.

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My idea:


    have a downed warframe in the foreground with the current warframe the player is using healing them whilst a volt is behind and to the left deflecting bullets with his shield and another frame to the right cutting a grineer, simple and encompasses teamwork


p.s. i wanted to make a mock up of this but i have zero idea on ripping the models from the game's data T_T

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Ok, mods are a really important part of the game: collecting them, fusing them and equipping them is a good chunk of the fun and I think there should a diorama that somehow showcases this. So my concept for a diorama is quite simple: a warframe with mods slowly orbiting around him/her; bonus awesomesauce if both the warframe and the mods in the login diorama are the ones currently equipped.


The mock up picture(s):


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Oh lol. I thought we had to make/screenshot a login diorama only..

If thats the case well then.. I would say, having an Excalibur In the slash dash stance and have some grinnear sliced in 2? Oh oh and an explosion in the end....

Brb. Gona make some sexy amazing artwork the likes of which mortal eyes have never dared to see...

y1UR3th.pngPERFECT! You guys at DE should really think about hiring me to do your artwork...

I want to see exactly this picture when I'm loading a map...


cool frames don't look at their own explosions

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