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Call For User Submissions: Fan Made Login Dioramas.


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A third one could be having four warframes (Mag, Loki, Excal,etc) Walking away from the corpse of a boss (Jackal?) And lo and behold in the distance, but quite obvious, is a stalker with his bow at ready and a laser sight aimed.


It'd put emphasis on what the stalker emulates (Vengence), but still be an excuse to have the warframes in an amazing victory scene.


Another good one could be the Corpus. Not one however, hundreds. Something like the scene from iRobot where you see hundreds of robots in a line. Only in this case its the Hyena, and there is a very sinister looking corpus leader standing over the balcony where he looks down at his newly made pack.


First, Stalker doesn't avenge Jackal or Hyena (he does avenge Ambulas eventho it is a Robot just like Jackal & Hyena).


Second, it will be hard to get hundreds of Corpus into one picture - but I'll try. Thanks for the idea. (hope you don't mind I try to put it into practice) - If nothing else helps, I'll just copy&paste corpus crewmen with photoshop in the picture :P

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First, Stalker doesn't avenge Jackal or Hyena (he does avenge Ambulas eventho it is a Robot just like Jackal & Hyena).


Second, it will be hard to get hundreds of Corpus into one picture - but I'll try. Thanks for the idea. (hope you don't mind I try to put it into practice) - If nothing else helps, I'll just copy&paste corpus crewmen with photoshop in the picture :P



Well, won't happen - there won't be more than 4 Corpus Enemies (wether MOAs or Crewmen) following you at once. Had some fun time with 4 disarmed Crewmen trying to follow me over the gap with the branch next to it - they failed and jumped down the cliff like lemmings just to spawn up the cliff again and jump down again - and so on and so forth.


Well, maybe I can make Nef Anyo follow me to a balcony and switch-teleport him up there.

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On one side, a lineup of all of the Grineer bosses, from Vor to Kela De Thaym to Lech Kril, all of them, weapons in hand, aiming, swinging, preparing powers. Vor would have his Void Key out, firing his laser. Kril would be slamming his hammer down for a an ice (or fire) wave, Hek in the middle of firing his signature weapon. Kela gets ready to throw out a roller, Ruk is firing his Gorgon, and Tyl Regor is in the middle of starting his slash dash.


Meanwhile, the Tenno in their warframes are powering up and using powers themselves. Rhino has just used Roar and is at the head of the team, imbuing everyone with a gold hue. Ember has started a Fireball in her hand is preparing to shoot it forward. Frost has deployed his own Ice Wave to counter Kril's. Loki is slightly behind, a sniper (Snipetron, Vandaltron or Vulkar, or perhaps that new sniper that was teased) held to his shoulder and is preparing to fire. Trinity is preparing to fire a Braton Prime into the midst of the Grineer. Ash has just thrown a set of Shuriken towards Vor and Banshee is drawing back a Paris. Nyx is reloading a Vasto, a few rounds can be seen midair from her recent firing. Mag is firing a Gorgon, perfect for comboing with her Bullet Attractor and Excalibur is wielding a sword (Skana, Prime, Ether Sword, Machete, etc), getting ready to strike at the Grineer in hand to hand combat. Saryn is wielding a shotgun, a Tenno version or perhaps one of the others, preparing to fire. Vauban has a grenade in each hand, it's yet to be seen what sort of mayhem he plans to cause with these. Nova is surrounded by Null Stars as she takes aim with a Lex. Volt is just behind Rhino, having cast an Electric Shield in front of the tank, and is in the process of rising with his own weapon in hand, a Latron. 


All around the two opposing forces, there are Grineer units, preparing weapons to assist their commanders in the fight, some having already fired, various Bombard rounds, Hind and Grakata bullets, and shotgun blasts make their hellish way towards the Tenno. 

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No, as many ideas as you think are good enough to go under public scrutiny, you can post




The Rules are simple:


1.You can only submit your own content

2.You can only make one submission.



Yeah, that won't be my final idea. So, can I change mine or do I have to work on that one?


Please work on that one.

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Oh lol. I thought we had to make/screenshot a login diorama only..

If thats the case well then.. I would say, having an Excalibur In the slash dash stance and have some grinnear sliced in 2? Oh oh and an explosion in the end....

Brb. Gona make some sexy amazing artwork the likes of which mortal eyes have never dared to see...

y1UR3th.pngPERFECT! You guys at DE should really think about hiring me to do your artwork...

Truly a Masterpiece. 

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Mmkay, so here's my entry. Notice those wonderful legs on the Ash and (manly?) Saryn and the lifelike Grineer.


So what's happening here is that Excalibur is using his Radial Blind on a group of Grineer (a few more that are not shown here, a bit in the distance). Saryn is firing away with her dual-wielded pistols, Ash is in the middle of a Blade Storm kill (about to chop off the head) and the player's Warframe will be swinging a heavy melee weapon, about to hit a helpless Grineer.


Since my sense of depth is a bit of a mess here, the Excalibur would be in the center of the group, Saryn would be a bit behind Excalibur and to the side, firing away. Ash is also a bit off in the distance and the player's Warframe will be up-close and personal with a Grineer in the corner as pictured (and the Grineer might have a hand up about to or already covering his eyes). There should be maybe two or more Grineer in the distance (so that Saryn isn't shooting at the air mindlessly). The Grineer can probably be purely Lancers or a minor mix of other Grineer enemies.


Also, the player's Warframe should be off to the side so that the Warframe is not blocked off too much by the login, but still a major part of the diorama. The screen should pan side-to-side (probably revealing one of the Grineer that Saryn is shooting at).

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Well i'm no artist and i've seen some worded submissions so let me have a stab.....


Diorama should have your frame with a primary on their back, then lato in one hand and datamass in the other on phobos with a sandstorm up, back is turned towards you and well in front of the tenno should be just tileset and no enemies?


yea terrible idea :(

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Note: It's one and the same concept, just different parts of the diorama

Note 2: Letter-size papers used. Keep in mind there can be more room in the concept since most monitors are wide now.


My idea might be very ambitious to take on due to the scale, which can cause technical difficulties, but if there's anything I know for sure about DE, it's that they are ambitious.


I wanted to keep it in the same spirit as the mission loading screens we have currently, which means simple backgrounds (no define location aside from floor), many particle effects, and 3D-stills. However, I would like DE to bring this even further by making it pan deeper than just a few turns.


Part 1: Tennos



- Starting Screen will show your Warframe (in place of Trinity here) with 3 others

- The other Warframes will be a rotation between either your friend list or your clan mates. If you don't have any of those, it will be a rotation between random Warframes in their default color.

- Other Tenno weapons need more love (which is why I put Bronco and Gram here).

- Black, blueish background with smoke to reflect Tenno's dojo aesthetic.

- Warframe poses may depend on their gender/type if DE wants to be even more detailed.



Part 2: The Grineer and Corpus



- Camera rotates a bit so that we see your Warframe close-up partially, with Vor, Lech Kril and a small squad of Grineer on the left, while Corpus crewmen and MOAs will be on the right.

- Again, smoke particles, especially dense in-between the two faction.

- A relatively wide space between the two sides should be considered because of the next screen paning.



Part 3: The Infested



- Camera moves lower to Vor and Crewman's feet

- Smokes particle clears up a bit, revealing infestation on ground, followed by infested units behind.

- Chargers, runners/leapers and ancients should be visible.

- Typical infested "sparks" particle appear.

- The back is still dense in smoke, but it shows the silhouette of...



Part 4: J3-Golem and the Void



- Smokes clears, camera moves up and reveals the J3-Golem

- Behind it will be the Void portal (which we see in the Orokin Void lobby), fitting due to the Golem's history with the Orokins

- Possibly a few infested minions around its feet



Part 5: What Stalker?



- Camera slowly zooms in one of the "head" of the Golem

- Screen flickers a bit, revealing the Stalker on top of the beast, for a split or full second, before disappearing

- Stalker will be holding Hate, while his other weapons are holstered

- Void portal background will make it so we only see Stalker's silhouette



Final Part: Warframe



- Camera pans out to reveal the whole "cast"

- Most smoke particle effects is cleared now

- Camera will stay around the same place for the remainder of the diorama


P.S.: Bring back the classic login music please!

This please

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A few ideas, revolving around the one premise to do with my own fan theory. (That if the orokin came back they would be pissed and mess the tenno up somethin' fierce) anyway, you can play it off also as a friendly duel.


Excalibur: On one knee, leaning into his skana. He is holding his skana with the handle in one hand with the other on the blade forming a bridge. 

he is also cut and abraised, if lore permits, maybe bleeding a bit. 



Excalibur Prime: Standing, holding a Skana Prime, handle in 2 hands pushing onto the Skana blade, that blank stare with the golden circle for an eye is just haunting. 


In the background would be either dead (or beaten) Tennos (I like the idea of Tenno V Tenno violence)

Or kneeling Tennos watching the duel.


If not Excalibur Prime. How about Stalker ?

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I'd like one featuring Ash blade storming a jet pack grineer out of the sky as rockets are spewed about. Because those flying chuckle heads keep blowing up my sentinel.

On a side note, does anyone else think it would be nice if we could have a statue for the dojo that displays a much larger version of the holographic clan badges?

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Sorry for the sloppy Artwork, but I have a lot of stuff on my plate right now.



- The Idea:


Have a sort of meeting location, where every avaiable warframe sits in a circle and meditates. This may be tricky on less powerfull computers but would look pretty. They are sitting in a dark Spacecraft. There is a window at the bottom which shows a space location. Light is leaking in, illuminating their faces.




- Version II:


Same Scene, the Lotus is looming overhead. Their thoughts are all connected. Kinda a little bit mystic / telepathic.

(Ore Brainwashy)




- Version III:

Exi has some unpropper, dirty thoughts. Gets zapped! ;)



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cool. you mean something like this?:..

for some reason the youtube is not embedded correctly for me, but you've got the gist of my idea! (I inspected the link manually and load it in another separate tab).


Was looking for an idea from different perspective.

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