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Update 9.6


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A new Grineer weapon appears: the HIND!


The first Alliances have emerged, and our 1001+ clans have been split.




Flux energy beam is now affected by Energy Colour!

Dera muzzle flash is now affected by Energy Colour!

Excalibur Radial Blind now uses Energy Colours!

Removed the Corpus Void Key Blueprint from the Store - owned copies can be sold for the same purchase price

Enabled selling of Corpus Ciphers and Data Masses.

Improvements  to the Transmutation system: you can no longer transmute your final power card of a given type.

Improvements to Enemy AI on Settlement defense, they are not as cowardly and won’t huddle in their Spawn location.

Added Sobek reload animiaton tweaks.

Audio updates to the Desert Skate and Grineer Jetpack Troops

Tweaks to Twin Viper sounds

Tweaks to Orthos hit sounds

Tweaks to Grineer Miter sounds.

Tweaks to Rhino’s Iron Skin lighting.

Tweaks to settlement enemy navigation.

Added fancy footwork to Grineer Jetpack landing animations.

Mods and Blueprints will never expire as drops.

Elite Grineer Lancers now use the Hind!






Added multiple localization fixes

Multiple fixes for the Grineer Settlement levels.

Fixed the fact that players can consume their final power cards with Transmute

Fixed enemies not leaving the spawn rooms in Settlement Defense

Fixed the Contact List breaking after sending a clan invite while in the Dojo

Fixed the Stalker dropping blueprints 100% of the time

Fixed not being able to perform stealth take-downs on any idle Grineer

Fixed the Stamina Orbs appearing as blue instead of green after building the Dojo Obstacle Course

Fixed the Sabotage Target not appearing on client after a host migration

Fixed enemies being inaccessible in the Settlement Spy missions

Fix for Banshee Silence effect not using correct energy colours

Fix for unlit textures in Corpus Ship room.

Fixing enemy levels on Phobos , Stickney (max level increased by 2 instead of being same as min level)

Fix for Warframe power cast animations replaying if they are knocked down during animation.

Fix Volt Overload creating two effects on clients.

Fix for animations being cancelled due to pain flinch.


Forgot one:


Fix for crashes when using continuous fire weapons through Electric Shield.

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I do a defense run on Eris and get 4000 nano spores to my 40-60 plastids (which you need a ton of for clan weapons so this makes it VERY frustrating to try and acquire them). Also, extremely irritating to farm Control Modules from Hyena and then have to run around for twice the amount of time it took you to kill him to gather 4 data thingys (thus doing twice the amount of work for triple the time and half the reward). If we are going to be forced to do 2 missions when we are trying to do a single timely farming run (and i wish we wouldnt have to at ALL) at least give us some other reward or something. Love the game and i think these are the only 2 things i am having a small issue with right now. that and getting stun locked. Hope these get dealt with in the near future.

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