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That's What We Needed: Another Weapon That Costs Neurodes And Not Nano Spores


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While more weapons are nice, the decisions being made with regard to construction costs are starting to get a little bit out of hand:




This is the sum cost for crafting all weapons, as of yesterday - so not including our new friend the Hind. On the one hand, it's great to see the underutilized Circuits and Rubedo making their way into the cost of a new weapon.


On the other hand, seeing yet another weapon that requires Neurodes - the second-most in-demand rare resource - or Salvage - the most in-demand common resource - is more than a little irritating.


Certainly this isn't an issue for the handful of individuals who have had every weapon in the game built for a while and have had the opportunity to stockpile these heavily-demanded materials; but for the rest of us, this is more than a little wearisome.


What's more, Nano Spores, the single most abundant resource in the game, one that was already grossly underutilized, isn't needed to manufacture this weapon, either; even though, "Grineer" label aside, the art direction to me lends itself much more readily to this Hind being an Infested rifle.


I suppose this is par for the course with a free-to-play game, though. Cue the whiteknights telling me I should be glad I have to grind up or pay platinum for more Neurodes rather than spending any of the hundreds of thousands of Nano Spores I've amassed.

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