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The Mind Of Stalker


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I, am stalker. Cold, and calculated. Swift and deadly. Ravenous and vengeful. I have mastered the way of the Warframe and have been found wanting. The Tenno must pay for what they have done to me. The outcast, the pariah, you drove me out. For this I hunt for you. There will be no place you can run for safety. There is blood upon your hands. Did you really think there would be no repercussions? Did you think i would forget the thing you've done? You will not go unpunished. I am your reckoning.

I am coming. And I come for you! For I am Stalker.

I sit alone. Plotting, seeking, and enacting vengence upon the Tenno. Here in this derelict Void. At first my objective, now my home and fortress. Repurposed for my protection, rearmed for my war on the Lotus. I will instill fear in my enemies from this base within the void. I will smite them with Hate. I will pierce them with Despair. They shall be overcome with Dread. The Tenno underestimate my power. They think that by gaining the weapons I give them that they have defeated me. Every time I leave the void I get stronger, more cunning. My plan is in motion. It cannot be stopped.

Your sentence is death! I am stalker.

I am planning revenge. I am planning a rebellion. Soon the pieces will be in place. The Lotus cannot stop me from what is rightfully mine. The Tenno are so blinded to the truth. It was wise to keep my existence a secret. But once the Tenno find out what i truely am, and what they too can become... i woll have an army so powerful even the Lotus will be unable to resist.

After all, she cannot hide forever. For I am Stalker.

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I think that is more along the line of broken AI. to be honest I would very much like for one of the devs or for a single person to be given stalker privileges. (A non-upgradable frame and weapon set with only the abilities and limited energy and duration) we need a real Stalker.

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