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(XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

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This new d pad thing you got rid of ALL the original easy choosing buttons and it’s incredibly difficult and frustrating to even attempt to use this new function why change that wasn’t broken we had an excellent set up and we aren’t pc we don’t need d pad support please get rid of it or allow us to turn it off. 


Choosing anything now now isn’t easy your putting extra effort that’s not necessary. Please I beg you reconsider this d pad support it’s absolutely not easy flowing and easy to use.

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After playing with it for a bit I still find it very clunky. It makes menu navigation and especially modding somewhat unpleasant. 

Can we maybe get a toggle so we can resort to hotkeys? Or just have both a hotkey menu and a cursor? Because being stuck with this cursor is kind of disappointing.

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1 minute ago, (PS4)Zero_029 said:

Oh such drama.

They are preparing consoles for a major UI overhaul. The only way to work out the kinks is to release it & receive feedback.

I am no fan of the new UI. But I am giving feedback so it can be improved & streamlined.

Hopefully Danielle has seen it.

Not drama. Frustration and actual feedback as to why the new UI is frustrating (as opposed to simply saying 'it sucks'). I pointed out that I'm not purchasing content for a game that I don't want to play in its current form. And given that most of my feedback echoes what just about everyone else is saying... I guess we're all being dramatic?

Also, 'the only way to work out the kinks is to release it' - do play testers not exist anymore? Also, does your reply to me actually add anything meaningful to this thread?

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1 hour ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Yes absolutely! 

Ok i know the team worked hard on this Cursor UI change and i applaud your efforts but honestly that vsual cursor change works best on pc, but on console its just frustrating and much longer process and having to double click for everything just time consuming, the console UI before with all the controller shortcuts that was great made stuff quick easy and simple, this is just a time consuming mess on console and it has really affected my interest in playing this game for hours taking 10 mins at a time to navigated or go through my arsenal. im not saying crap the idea or concept but at least give the console tenno an options to turn off this visual cursor thing and gives back our controller shortcuts and single press please, im very annoyed with this 

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2 minutes ago, (PS4)Hiero_Glyph said:

Someone should start a petition requesting DE to revert this update until they can give console users the option to disable it. Seriously, let's roll this patch back!

Absolutely agree because the old way wasn’t broken. 

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Please, when adjusting the sigils (i.e. rotation, width, etc) let us use both the cursor and/or the d-pad (like before, to be more precise). 

Also the d-pad in the foundry/incubator is super slow.

The hotkeys in the arsenal are the big problem right now, without them it feels very slow.

Having to move the cursor over the thing we want to move it's clunky, (for example: when changing color, i want to rotate the warframe to be sure everything looks nice, but i can't if the cursor is on the colors, same thing when equipping a syandana/armor/emblem/sigil etc).

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When I play on PC, I still use my controller. mostly for in mission as I find the KB controls to suck (I am a 12+yr wow player and been playing fps games since ROTT/doom/quake which for a lot of your was before you were born) I know my way around KB's and even trying to remap them to something useable has been noting but failure to the point where in mission is controller only for me on PC....

now you force this useless cursor on to console.... WHY?!?!?!?!?????

other then pointing and clicking onto something in the chat window. it has got to be the most useless and annoying thing in a game ever....

why is it set to the left stick?? are there that many more left handed people that play or something????  put your mouse on the other side of your keyboard and try to use it... that is what it feels like.

why does the curser not autosnap to the newest window/frame???  

why have all dpad controls been disabled... give us the option of which method we want to use... hell even on pc I can use both mouse and controller at the same time and they play nice... this pile of dog excrement shouldn't even be a thing in this day and age.

anyone that has played for more then a month already has muscle memory to fly through the menus... ive already misclicked on countless things. and that is after trying to play with the useless setting... set it just a hair off one way or the other and it becomes the slowest turtle on earth or moves at the speed of light... at least set the cursor to auto-snap between clickable objects

we need to be able to pick how and where/when we would want to use the cursor and the option to shut it off all together.

as it is on my main acct at MR25 I only log in to do my sortie and maybe if a friend or 2 are around to help them farm stuff... now I have even less reason to want to play with this stupid cursor 



my clan leader has been playing on ps4 since it launched.... I can already hear him complaining and playing even less now with this update... he still uses the OLD old controls... ie that launched with the game... we only recently got him to adjust his controls to make some kinda of use out of focus abilities...  let alone any frame that has a hold to use fuction (scarab armor, skill flippin like vaubaun n ivara) he has to change his button settings anytime he want to use those frames... and then with the last focus change... to him they are all worthless and he doesn't even bother with them anymore.


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I am really not a fan of this change and it’s making me ponder whether I should keep playing or not, that’s how annoying it is to navigate everything now. The one thing that has changed for the better is accepting invites, which makes it look like you applied the former navigation to accepting invites with this update and did the exact opposite with everything else. 

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2 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

The Virtual Cursor is live on XB1 and PS4 in Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.6!

To read the full dedicated Dev Workshop head on over to: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/962550-dev-workshop-upcoming-console-virtual-cursor-changes-d-pad-functionality-for-all-platforms/

[Expand spoiler below for changes]

  Reveal hidden contents


  • Scrolling is now done using the right stick. 
    • Pretty straightforward! Move the stick up to scroll up and down to scroll down, move right for right and move left for left. 
  • Moving the new virtual cursor is done by moving the left stick. 
    • The cursor can move freely around any part of the screen, you are not locked to any one menu item as you would be using the D-Pad/Left stick prior to these changes.
  • Selecting items within the menus is now done primarily by using your default selection button (unless officially assigned in the UI - Captura for example). 
    • For example: Options in the Arsenal (Equip, Upgrade, Appearance, Abilities) are now all selectable by hovering your cursor over the desired tab and hitting X.
  • Windows with fields where you can increase values (ex: Sentient Core redemption at Quill Onkko) will require you to hover over the desired field with your cursor and use the bumpers to increase/decrease values. 
    • The bumper icons will “activate” when you’re hovering over an area to indicate which window bumper activity will affect.
  • Interacting with the Modding UI:
    • To equip a Mod select it by hovering your cursor over it and then drag it to a slot by holding down your select button.
    • Once you’re in the slot area you do not need to hold it anymore and will be able to move freely about with the Mod in hand.
    • Want to swap an already equipped Mod with one from your inventory? Drag and drop it over a Mod in your inventory! 
    • Unequipping a Mod is done by hovering over it and using the assigned button (triangle) - so nothing’s changed here!
  • You will have the option to change the UI Cursor Sensitivity (speed) in the “Controls” Options to your liking.
  • D-Pad interacts with the virtual cursor in the following ways: 
    • You can swap back and forth from the virtual cursor (and from keyboard/mouse inputs) using the left stick to using the D-Pad . 
      • The virtual cursor will travel with the D-Pad movement.
    • Using the D-Pad will snap your cursor to whatever button is nearest to it at that time.
    • This is also dependent on which directional button (up/down, left/right) you press. 
    • Scrolling will still be done by using your right-stick - the D-Pad will traverse over UI items but will not scroll if you motion to the edge of a menu.  


We will be closely monitoring your feedback/bug reports! These are some big changes, so we understand it will be quite jarring when you first get to moving around the UI. But with that said, we really do appreciate your constructive feedback so that we know where we can improve. If you are reporting a bug, provide screenshot/video where possible. 

Thank you for your time as Warframe continues to develop!

I'm sure others have said this already, but I am too lazy to read 4 or more pages of comments, So I'll just add my feedback here.

Just got the interface on XB1. Sorry to say, It's a massive downgrade for me as a controller user. Much of the functionality and intuitiveness of the interface has been lost. Need an option to choose between new and old, New is very painful to use on a controller.

It's much slower and where the controller still works to move through options it will suddenly stop like in the main menu when you try to tab up to leave a squad. It just stops and you have to switch controls to drag the cursor up. It's jarring.

In the mission interface not being able to tab up and down through missions but having to wait on dragging the cursor is a downgrade. But the arsenal is probably the worst affected. Not having the controller button options anymore is not good. and having to drag and drop mods with a controller is painful. If the options were there to click the mod then click the slot it would be easier, but not as smooth and easy as it used to be. All in all the new interface will affect me negatively in my enjoyment of Warframe. It already has.

So please hotfix in an option to choose the interface. I get that this should be a massive improvement for the players who use Mouse and KB on console. But it should not be at the cost of functionality for controller users. Thank you.

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マウスが使えるPCでは使いやすいのかもしれませんが、マウスを使わないXBOX ONEで非常に使いにくいです。



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1 hour ago, [DE]Danielle said:

It's already mentioned in the spoilers in the OP, but! In case you guys missed it, you can absolutely change the speed of the cursor by going in the “Controls” Options and changing it to to your liking.


This does not fix how unintuitive and clunky it is. I looked at every menu and I cannot find the option to turn off the cursor and use the legacy interface, can you point me to that, please?

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