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PS4 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.6 (LIMBO PRIME + Hotfixes)

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Virtual cursor is much slower than when I used the D-pad to navigate. Even with scroll speed adjustment it makes the entire process much longer. 

Love the game, hate the new virtual cursor. 

I dont mean to sound like a man-baby but im less inclined to play. 

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Posted this in the workshop, but leaving it here as well to make sure it gets seen;

Just chiming in with my opinion here. This update to the UI has taken away any motivation I had for playing.

-It's clunky to use with a controller.

-Took away shortcuts in our Arsenal, unnecessary change as the buttons aren't suddenly used for something else.

- It's build for PC and poorly adapted to console, if at all. 

- Mouse users seem to experience less problems, but you won't find too many of those on console.

Makes changing equipment counter-intuitive; double click to select something? Why?

- Changing loadouts or weapons in your loadouts takes more time, thus removing the quick-swap-and-play between missions altogether. 

These changes have actively taken my motivation to play WF. I booted it up, tried messing around with it and tried to find a way to make it work for me... only to close the app a mere 15 minutes later. I'm actually hesitant/reluctant to play WF. Never happened to me before.

I've seen others say the same thing, both on the forums and in-game. I hope DE reconsidered these changes, takes them out or at least tries to find solutions to the complaints voiced on the forums, in-game and on reddit.

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The overall update is great as always the only issue as everyone has stated is the cursor. I like the option of having it but there was no reason to remove button support. Functionality Wis the cursor must obviously get better but my main issue is removing quick access buttons like the ones used in arsenal. There should also be an option to turn on and off the cursor as there is an option to do so with almost every other feature you include in the settings menu.

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please switch the controls back .. one friend already quit and won't play ever again with the controls that way and i'm leaning towards going outside instead of painfully using the cursor. please listen DE , this is big ..


large reddit conversation about it .. not many happy people , not a good way to up the amount of users by driving away all the old ones.


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This UI update has made everything so much worse. I seriously cannot stand a single part of it. All the shortcuts are gone. Before this update the UI was a breeze to navigate on a controller smooth and quick. Now it's slow and annoying. Like seriously clicking and dragging to ad mods / move them. How did this get through QA? I seriously doubt anyone involved in this UI update has regularly played this game with a controller because there's no way they would have made these changes. Revert the changes. 

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Hmmm. You can't view what is in your loadouts anymore until you actually click them, gpu particles will not save for Ludacris (have ps4 pro and 4k tv), you can't rotate your frame in appearance until you drag your cursor over the warframe... Did we actually get an update? Cursor needs to be either a toggle mode or incorporated with the touch pad. Thanks for chat and dojo upgrades, but those are about the only things I consider as an upgrade to a CONSOLE. 

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I am thrilled to see there is a ton of feedback to the new user interface which aligns with my thoughts on it.  

Plain and simple is much better; the old UI was quick and efficient whereas everything about this UI is slow and clunky. A few items which cone to mind immediately:

1. Modding now requires holding down a button to drag the mod, which is slow.

2. Cannot quickly select equip, upgrade, appearance, or powers with a quick button, now have to double click after awaiting cursor to get to location. This is slow.

3. Some people (like me) play video games inverted on controllers. This forces us to go against our typical approach, making it particularly difficult. 

4. D pad doesn't do the same job as the previous UI, it is slower and disappointing in that regard

5. There is no option to play with the old UI.

I've invested a little over a hundred USD in this game. I have been delighted with every update up until now as you guys consistently produce the highest quality video game I've ever played. I am severely disappointed with this new UI and I want the old one back, at least as an option. The items I've listed above are enormously important to me as a player. I will be playing other games and will not be spending any more money without this fixed. This will also scare off new console players. Please allow us to revert these changes. This is truly terrible.  


Thank you,



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Holy crap, this cursor navigation thing (on PS4) has got to go... It is SUPER annoying and takes FOREVER to change everything.  It was much easier to just press a button.  So far my four friends I am doing the sortie with today hate it too.  Anybody else agree?

Triangle to upgrade Warframe was literally all I did when I went to Arsenal, now I got to waste time to scroll Equip,Upgrade, Appearance, Abilities.  Also dragging the mods with X instead of clicking X and going to slot..
Even the D-pad takes forever.

Is there a way to turn this off??

EDIT:  TRIANGLE REMOVING ALL MODS = WORST IDEA EVER. Just wiped my Eidolon build trying to remove one mod.. don't remember the exact mods and have to refind them all.

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Issues navigating, ineffiecency in quicker gameplay action.
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I hate to join this bandwagon, but I hate this UI change. In the navigation screen if I try to scroll through the mission windows I have to hover the cursor over it to move left or right, I can't change loadouts as easily as before to change for a mission or another. I did the sorties as soon the new update dropped and swapping my loadout was horrible. Equipping things in the arsenal was horribly awkward and when doing some inventory clearing I nearly sold things that i didn't want because the UI wasn't cooperating, it placed items that I didn't want to sell there and refused to remove them.

I liked the ability to hover over the search bar when it was available, but that was the only thing that I liked about the cursor. Even using the options was awkward and uncomfortable, I accidentally removed all my customizations for the options because of the cursor. However I don't like the fact that I can't use the D-pad to select missions in the alert screen. Switching online modes is also awkward, and the right stick changing the zoom level of the starchart is also a horrible change that I want to see it gone.

Give us the option to remove this change in the options or just revert it back to what it was. I also didn't like how you removed the colors in the prompt buttons, like the pink square in most things, the green triangle for cyphers and so on. I would love the ability to use the digital keyboard to put down numbers in the clan lab, mod selection and other locations that ask for a input number for item selection. Often I end adding or removing far too much of a resource that I am adding to my clan's research when I am trying to give exact numbers, like when trying to round out the amount that I keep for myself while giving the odd amount out.

I don't want to invest on a set that works with my PS4, I already dumped 80 bucks on a bluetooth keyboard attachment for my controller so I can use on chat. Forcing a mouse and keyboard system on consoles just won't work.

EDIT: The GPU, or whatever it is called, particles are stuck on medium and I want to remove it, it won't change from medium and I personally don't like excessive particles on my gameplay. I also wish to add that this UI change remove the ability to use the D-pad to scroll back up when you hit the lowest option in the arsenal and in the loadout selection screen.

EDIT 2: Another grievance with the cursor, I lost a plat sale because the cursor wasn't in the right spot to send a invite but in close tab. In a second trade that I managed not to lose like that, I felt how badly this new UI change made the trade. I selected a mod that I have 100+ dupes and it didn't give me the pick he amount that you want screen. Sure It selected just one but I still felt a jolt of surprise at that.

Just trying to make the trade was hard as I couldn't just use the D-pad to select the person that I wanted to trade with, I had to move the cursor from the bottom of the screen to the top, then once again fight with the lack of ability that this change imposed that the D-pad couldn't scroll over the edge and towards the other end of the list from the opposite end, I had to tap down or move the cursor to get to the option that I wanted.

Please change the it back or give us the option to have the old system back.

EDIT3: The right stick zoom feature in the starchart is horrible, It goes from too far away to too close with no middle ground. Even with accidental taps on the stick. Every interface in the game is worsened by this cursor feature, it is slow, uncomfortable and awkward to do anything. Just changing things because I added forma to a frame became so much worse.

There is also a issue with the wait for players and play now feature if you pick a mission without a squad. It flashes the wait for players and doesn't change for waiting, the counter keeps going down and you go anyway.

I got a 3 days affinity booster with the tea set code and this change is seriously making me consider let it go to waste because it is so bad, just so I can wait out this change. I play warframe for hours every day and this change is making me consider switching to Bloodborne, that I have to finish, until this cursor thing is over.

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5 hours ago, (PS4)G71FF0N95 said:

Some immediately noticeable issues.

- using the D-pad is slower in some areas and no longer moves the lists along (an example would be selecting mods for your warframe in the upgrade screen)

                  - rapidly tapping the D-pad in one direction causes the cursor to slow down (tested in mod selection by rapidly tapping right)

- when using the D-pad it now snaps to objects you wouldn't expect it to (loadout screen, ending up hovering over your warframes powers)

                  - it snapping over your powers is extra redundant as it doesn't serve a purpose 

- can no longer rotate warframe with right thumbstick while selecting colours, syandanas or accessories (not helpful at all)

                  - Amendment: you must click on your warframe to be able to rotate it (talk about obtuse)

- having to select accessories twice caused some initial confusion and is a mild inconvenience

- can no longer alter the bars in the options menu incrementally by using left and right on the D-pad. (makes changing something like sensitivity clunky) 


personally, right now on a whole the cursor just doesn't add anything and has detracted from the previous state of functionality. 

suggestion: either give us the option to disable cursor

           or      change the D-pad inputs so that they don't physically move the cursor, just have the cursor teleport (not the best description but i hope you understand what i mean)


if i notice anything ells ill add it down bellow.

- can no longer use the D-pad on the Alerts (invasions etc) list




Awesome post Ye the whole UI has been completely slowed down shortcuts need to be added back in as well the subtle UI visual changes look great though.


With the Dojo lighting there are areas of complete darkness and you can no longe see decorations that are there, the lighting options don’t fix these areas and either does adding lights from decorations, is there some kind of work around for this or do we have to completely wreck our dojo due to he lighting changes.

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1. Where are the Tennogen Round 12 Warframe skins that PC got?

2. Resonating Quake seems to be bugged again, at least I hope it is. It makes Banshee's fourth ability cost so much more energy now, making a Resonating Quake build very frustrating to manage now.

3. New UI is rather clunky for an analog stick, I think I speak for many when I say I would prefer the option for the older UI. 

I hope you read this, and thank you DE.

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1. Where are the Tennogen Round 12 Warframe skins that's PC got?

2. Resonating Quake seems to be bugged again, at least I hope it is. It makes Banshee's fourth ability cost so much more energy now, making a Resonating Quake build very frustrating to manage now.

3. New UI is rather clunky for an analog stick, I think I speak for many when I say I would prefer the option for the older UI. 

I hope you read this, and thank you DE.

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