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Warframe And Level Interaction (Optional)


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Before reading the rest remember this is OPTIONAL CONTENT!!!!!


So as we all know many abilities in a warframes arsenal become rendered useless after awhile... So this is a way to remedy it into optional paths, and optional aid.


For example Volt's shock doesn't do much later on in the game even against Corpus the higher level stuff just swamps it. So what if Shock had an alternate use such as powering up generators. Great for getting the power back on in infested levels and turning the defenses back on to help put, and could even be used in a Defense mission, or used to start up downed elevators in random levels to reach more treasure, or an optional path to the objective.


Ember could use her fireballs to clear out infested blocked paths. What do I mean? As in the infested mass or growths grew over a doorway, or path. Therefore you need to use fireball to get rid of it. Could even be used to set alight to spilled gas on the floor. Lets say you walk into a room theirs oil/gas spilled all over the floor enemies crossing over it could be set ablaze by using fire on it. (Well could easily all be done with a weapon with fire mod on it too)


Mag could use pull to pull an object away from a doorway and allow players to get in.


Frost could use freeze to freeze water to allow players to cross over instead of fall through and be teleport back. Could even be used to create paths by freezing things you couldn't normally step on without getting harmed.


Saryn could use her miasma to melt away garbage to reveal hidden trap doors.


Loki could use his invisibility to sneak past unbreakable cameras to get in through special doors that close the moment your spotted by said cameras, and only reset when they see you leave.(Could also do this as Ash)


Use Volt's speed to get through special trap hallways that either

A. close the door at the end(and possible kill you while your trapped inside)

B. set off death traps that would kill you if your not fast enough

C. go "wipe out" mode on you because your too slow.


Just various ideas like that... and of course others could throw in ideas as well for cool ways each warframe could get around...


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