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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.8 +


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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.8

Dojo Additions:
We've added some much-requested items to Clan & Dojo management to make decorating and contributing much easier!

  • A new ‘DECORATOR’ Role has been added to Dojo hierarchies! This role will allow the player to place/remove Decorations and change room colors/lighting, but without the ability the destroy/build rooms.
  • Added a ‘Contribute All’ button for Dojo room/Decoration Resource contributions, and Dojo Research contribution.
  • Added a ‘Reset’ button to the Obstacle Course to clear all Decorations.


  • For consistency, damage link abilities (Trinity, Nidus, Nekros) will no longer transmit self-damage, but you will still get the damage reduction. This is particularly relevant for the healer/support class of Trinity who had become the go-to DPS frame in addition to the intended support roles. The re-release of Mods like Aviator added to some clever but ultimately uncharacteristic roles for Trinity.
  • Increased Saryn’s Miasma duration to 6 seconds.
  • Reduced Nova’s Antimatter Drop max Health in half and doubled the absorbed damaged. This fixes Nova’s Antimatter Drop charging twice as quickly as a Client by buffing the Host to match Clients!
  • Removed ability to place personal Decorations in the Dojo Obstacle Course as intended.
  • Improved handling of corrupt compressed cache data.


  • Fixed getting stuck in the ground when attempting to enter Archwing which resulted in a Mastery Rank 25 progression stopper.
  • Fixed Zenurik Void Flow not being applied with maximum Energy on first Transference usage.
  • Fixed broken Zephyr movement animations after casting Tail Wind and then Turbulence or Tornado while moving.
  • Fixed Djinn’s Reawaken Mod not Reviving your Sentinel while controlling the Operator.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur if an Ability deactivates just as the player Revives.
  • Fixed Archwing Elemental Mods not combining correctly (Blast, Corrosive, etc.)
  • Fixed Infested Charger Specters not doing any damage.
  • Fixed Dargyns clipping through Grineer Dropships in the Plains.
  • Fixed inability to Entitle an Amp as ‘111’ due to the profanity filter.
  • Fixed crashing when spamming the ‘Star Obstacle Course’ prompt in the Dojo.
  • Fixed the game hanging when starting a Dojo Obstacle Course with an insane number of lasers.
  • Fixed edge case where squad UI could become unresponsive after a squad member leaves the session.
  • Fixed Decorations loving their saved rotation angles when adjusting said Decoration in the Obstacle Course.
  • Fixed a "residual Decoration" being left behind which prevented other Decorations from being placed in the Dojo as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/958422-dojo-building-bug-residual-item-blocking/.
  • Fixed incorrect prompt when attempting to remove an Obstacle Course Decoration in the Dojo.
  • Fixed Obstacle Course run credit being given to the Host instead of the Client who completed it.
  • Fixed being able to exit the Plains boundaries while piloting a Dargyn.
  • Fixed inability to select all Relic Refinement buttons and they are not appearing/functioning correctly for controller.
  • Fixed tutorial prompts displaying mouse/keyboard bindings when you are using the controller.
  • Fixed inability to rotate some items in the Market with the controller.
  • Fixed spawning beside Dojo rooms in progress after constructing, starting a mission, and then returning to the Dojo.
  • Fixed the Fire Trap FX not moving when placing/moving the Trap in the Dojo.
  • Fixed the Volnus being rotated the wrong way when building it in the Foundry.
  • Fixed M-W.A.M Index enemies freezing and flickering when killed.
  • Fixing a few cases where players now get stuck where they would previously be able to move.
  • Fixed script errors when casting numerous Warframe abilities.
  • Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Forest tileset.


Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix


  • Fixed inability to place Decorations in your Orbiter.
  • Fixed Onslaught music sometimes cutting out until you entered the next Zone.
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1. The primaries and secondaries, along with beam weapons, got their fix and we know you guys are working on melee reworks also, would mods be getting a rework as well cause as it stands, there are quite a number of mods that have no real use, even in fun builds"looking at you focused defense and sure shot"

2. The lures don't fully move out of your FoV when aiming during Terry fights. I (and I am certain other hunters also) have been annoyed by them suddenly moving to block your shot when aiming up to blow the Eidolon's limb off. And even when they do move, its not by much, can we hope to have this addressed by having them stay like 5 meters away from your line of Sight while aiming?

3. The Eidolons still have that bug where even while linked to by a lure, will teleport away. quite a bother that is.

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