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Use The Catalyst On The Acrid Or Flux Rifle?



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Before you do anything with either of them, play them both up to thirty (or less, if one or the other really gets you excited. i knew I was going to max out my flux rifle around rank 12), and figure out which one you like more, and will use most often. Afterwards...


I'd honestly base this decision on what you already have outside of these two. If you have Despair with a catalyst and some forma already, and you lack one of the better primary weapons, I'd do the Flux Rifle. It's end game viable, and is ridiculously strong against bosses for farming any Warframe blueprints you're missing, or rare resources. 

If you have invested a lot into another end game viable primary, but are lacking one of the stronger options as a secondary, then go with the Acrid.


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