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Controllers look changes are near unusable

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With the right analog stick (look),up and down and left and right move at completely different speeds and there is no way in game to make them move at correct speeds equal to each other. 

Up and down both move at least 2x slower than left and right,making it incredibly tedious to play the game no matter what your sensitivity settings are.

Controller used: xbox360 wired controller.
I have no issues with this controller on any other game and before the controller update,everything worked just fine.
I just want to play warframe. Please revert controller changes or at the very least make the analog sticks move at equal speeds in all directions. Or perhaps having different settings to freely tailor. One for vertical and the other for horizontal.


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5 hours ago, oRedemption said:

There's already a way to fix this bud lol 


What is the way to fix different directions having different sensitivities? because in the options menu you can only change overall sensitivity,not make all directions move at the same speed.
I've reinstalled the game after removing all files for a clean install,reinstalled my controller drivers and they're up to date,my OS is up to date.

The problem was never a problem before the controllers update.

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