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Updating Trinity

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With the recent change to Tether abilities, Trinity has returned to her roots as a support frame. Now that she has, I think it might be time to look into updating her abilities to make her less clunky to use. I know that DE isn't making any big changes until The Sacrifice drops, but maybe they'll see this and give it some consideration.

First off, I'd like her to be able to move while casting some of her abilities. Stopping to cast Blessing is understandable, and I suppose so is stopping to cast Link. But at the very least Well of Life and Energy Vampire shouldn't cause you to stop moving. Please change that.

Well of Life could do with an update. There are a couple ways I could see this go: Make it a periodic pulse from Trinity that heals a percentage of health (or percentage of health lost) per-pulse over the duration for allies in range. Percentage healed, range, and duration affected by mods. This would keep it a unique ability that doesn't step on Blessing or Renewal, but is still useful. Alternatively, keep it an enemy-targeted ability, but enhance its effects. Have it send out a knockdown wave from the affected enemy on-hit, giving Trinity some useful, if limited, CC. If you want to make it even better (or if you're looking for a good augment, nudge-nudge) have it spread to nearby enemies if target dies while it's active, with either reduced duration or just for the remainder of the original cast's duration.

Energy Vampire is a bit tricky. It's a solid standalone ability, but its mechanics tend to directly conflict with the rest of her kit, at least if you want quick energy in the really high-end, 100+ level missions. I'm not sure how to go about changing that, but I look forward to hearing what others have to say.

For Link, I'm not entirely sure how damage reflection is handled. The wiki isn't very clear on what I want to know. If damage type is preserved through Link, then that definitely needs to change. Grineer generally do not use Grineer-effective damage types, and Corpus generally do not use Corpus-effective damage types. This severely limits Link's damage reflection utility. I suggest, if this is not already the case, either making Link convert outgoing reflected damage to a type useful against the Linked faction (ex. Grineer converts to puncture, Corpus converts to impact), or if it simply reflects back total damage value without taking type into account, maybe increase that a bit. I realize that DPS isn't the point of Link, but it is a core aspect of it that is currently failing. As a side note, I'd also like if Link either affected more enemies at base, or could have power strength affect number of targets.

Blessing is solid as is, in my opinion. So no suggestions here.

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It's nice seeing someone say "Trinity as a support needs changes" as opposed to "you stopped Trinity from being the best DPS as well as the best support that sucks". She should be fun while still filling her proper role.

The main problem I see with her is that her abilities are so good despite being so boring to use. Blessing just gives you all your health back instantly when you press 4, EV just gives you energy when you press 2 on something. WoL is useless because Blessing is objectively better for healing and Trinity doesn't need to worry about energy because EV. Link is DR that exists because any frame needs DR to survive. Compare this to any other support frame (eg Oberon, Harrow, sorta Equinox), where healing and energy either requires setup (eg Mend charging through enemies, Harrow needing headshots/kills), and/or requires teammate input (eg standing in Hallowed Ground, staying in Harrow's ability aura). Other support frames are more involved, but with overall less effectiveness than just "press 2/4 for energy/heals". 

I'm probably gonna get lynched for this, but I think Trinity needs a massive rework of her abilities, with a whole lot more interactivity added. She's boring because you just walk around pressing 2 until you need to press 3 or 4 again. If she had interactivity like other support frames, she'd actually be fun. However, this would probably require Blessing and EV to get a decent nerf. Until then, she's just gonna be the mandatory pick that nobody has fun playing, and that outshines all other support heroes in every field other than "more fun". Trinity sticks out like a sore thumb in the current climate of interactive and synergetic abilities.

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One of the main things I want, not least to make a more all-round build (much) more feasible,
would be a significant buff to Link's duration, like, to at least 30 seconds
(and maybe 15 seconds, or more, for Blessing while we're at it, because hey, look at Splinter Storm).
Alternatively, make Link a toggle with "conditional drain" (only while linked to enemies)
that still allows Energy gains from Energy Vampire etc like in the case of Pacify & Provoke.

Speaking of Energy Vampire, how 'bout this?
Increase the base range of the pulse (with a cap on max range if necessary),
again in pursuit of a "4 abilities Trinity" rather than the common EV spam Trin with just Range and Strength.
Then, go the Miasma route and have Duration determine the number of pulses,
with of course still keeping the big burst upon the death of the enemy.

For Well Of Life, maybe make it a bit of a mix between Mind Control and Scarab Swarm,
in that the target (BTW, maybe allow multiple), instead of the current 10x Health,
becomes invulnerable (but stores up damage like with MC)
and sends out healing pulses on its own rather than via (limited) ally attacks.
Hold 1 to cancel the ability and inflict the stored damage,
and to pre-empt (e.g. Defense) trolling and stuff, have the enemy/ies count as dead
right when lethal damage is stored up, and have them drop their loot.
[BTW, that would be nifty to have on Mind Control, as well.]

That knockdown pulse CC idea (which I liked) could then be the Augment for Well Of Life.

And going back to Link, Abating Link could IMO stand to be buffed to 70% at base,
so that it's in line with Seeking Shuriken / Sonic Fracture, in that +43% Strength is enough for full Armor removal.
This would also fit nicely with Blessing requiring +50% Strength for full damage reduction.

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I like your idea for Well of Life.

I think Link is probably fine as long as it doesn't transfer self damage.

Energy Vampire definitely needs some kind of change. At minimum it allow her to restore more than a percentage of the energy it costs her to cast it.

As good as Blessing is, I think maybe it's too good which is what makes Well of Life obsolete. With a change making Well of Life a more active heal, I think Blessing should no longer give a massive heal. Keep the damage resistance, but make it give a health regeneration effect for the duration instead of a bulk heal.


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2 hours ago, YUNoJump said:

-snip for spacing-

I fundamentally believe that Trinity should be a support frame. I have to say, I was expecting to get lynched myself.

I somewhat disagree about Blessing, but the reason is I think it serves its purpose as a panic button. The way I usually play her, I use it when a teammate is getting too low in health. I realize that it's used more for the DR buff in 100+ level play, so I'd be fine with something as simple as increasing the DR duration proportional to the damage healed of the player with the most health lost. I think that'd be a good way to both preserve its current Starmap use while also making it a bit less micromanage for endurance players.

I think that if Well of Life were changed to be less clunky, Blessing would be just fine as it is, and perhaps with the change I outlined above.

I do agree that Trinity as she is now is boring to play and I too want her to be more engaging. If you get lynched for that opinion, I won't be in the mob.

1 hour ago, NinjaZeku said:

-another snip for spacing-

I was wondering how to make a Link toggle work. I like the idea of a conditional drain.

The problem I keep running into with EV is the effect that duration has on it. It is objectively better to go for low duration on an EV build because that gets you the most energy the quickest at high levels. The problem with this is, of course, that every other ability she has benefits more from high duration, not low. So you end up either nerfing one really useful battery, or making her other abilities a lot more micromanage. Neither of those is good, and I hate to say it, but your suggestion doesn't seem to really fix that. But maybe I've misunderstood. If I have, please help me understand it better.

I like that version of Well of Life. I'd be okay with that in lieu of either of the suggestions I gave.

A buff to Abating Link would be nice too, yeah.

Just now, (PS4)Riko_113 said:

-another snip for spacing-

The thing about Blessing is, I think it can stay roughly as it is if Well of Life is made better for healing incremental damage, like Oberon's Renewal is. Renewal is phenomenal as a healing ability because it takes care of the small things as they pop up. This makes Oberon a great healer because you can then actually, y'know, play the game. You pair that with the ability to do a bulk heal, and you've got a truly world-class healing frame. I want Well of Life to be more like Renewal, but without stepping on it's toes. That's why I suggested the pulse-from-Trinity idea. It's not the same as Renewal, and it's not a toggled ability, but it serves a similar function.

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17 minutes ago, Archeyef said:

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Can you explain?

I'm assuming they mean the blessing that had infinite range and made the entire party invulnerable for the entire duration after healing the party.

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Just now, Ohmlink said:

I'm assuming they mean the blessing that had infinite range and made the entire party invulnerable for the entire duration after healing the party.

That's what I'm assuming too, but I want to make sure. Figured I should ask.

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