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Dev Workshop: Virtual Cursor Action Plan

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It’s been over 24 hours since we launched the UI and virtual cursor changes in Update 22.20.6 on PS4 and Xbox One, and we’ve been closely reading your feedback (Forums, Twitter, in-game chat, etc.) and furiously taking notes as it continues to roll in in droves. Coinciding feedback points from our PC Controller users have also been included in our readings, as the goal of unifying controls across all Platforms was our intention from the start within the future greater UI overhaul scheme.  

But we do feel we missed the mark on this first attempt. So, while we are keeping to our original goal, we understand that in order to fully meet it improvements are needed. 

That said, the following is a list of priority changes (based largely on your feedback) that we’ve started working on implementing:  

  • Restoring button shortcuts in the Arsenal. 
  • Adding content preview on hover in Relic selection screens (choosing a Relic is done by selecting it). 
  • Changing “preview” and “select” to be independent of one another in the Arsenal item selection (separate bindings displayed in bottom right of screen in Arsenal).
  • Right Trigger will rotate your Warframe in the Arsenal while browsing item grid. 
  • Removing the need to hold down X (PS4) / A (XB1) + drag in order to select a Mod in the Modding UI. Instead, selecting a Mod will make it stick to your cursor like it used to, allowing you to move it with cursor control or D-Pad. Additionally, hitting “back” will deselect the Mod from your cursor without exiting the screen. 
  • Fixing D-Pad landing on invisible items on the bottom of grids (long term goal as requires a lot of testing for a global change).

This is just the start of what you can expect in terms of changes. We’ve been hard at work to get these launched on console as soon as possible (in a hotfix tonight!), while some changes may come in later hotfixes/updates as they require more time to implement and test. PC Tenno, you can expect these changes in a future update (along with the D-Pad support originally announced in the dedicated Dev Workshop). We will be watching for your feedback on the above changes as well.

We do also want to thank you tremendously for your patience as we continue to work on changes. There’s no denying this was a rocky start with the original launch, but we’re hopeful that with some time and care, we can get it to a much better place for all of you.

5:22 PM ET Edit: Hotfixes have been deployed on PS4 and XB1!

Stay updated on fixes/changes in the official feedback megathread: 


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Are you guys planning on fixing this bug with the PS4 PRO. When I go to Options > Display > GPU particles > Ludicrous, this keep resetting to medium. When are you guys planning to fix this? Also I do save the settings with triangle but it resets again to medium.

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Thanks! This is a great start.

I'm loving playing the game with a keyboard and mouse. Now if only someone could tell me the keyboard equivalent to square and triangle for selecting whether or not to continue a defense mission! Also, how to use gear with the KB/M. I can pull the gear up with Q but can't select anything.

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Nice to see the first changes, ty.

The window in the navigation still don't work with the d-pad, same for the profile window in the start menu and the chat.


Loadouts have no information next to them. Also, would be awesome having the possibility to adjust the speed of the d-pad transition between the mods/foundry items. 

The properties of the sigil are very hard to set and make coincide the front with the back, you could make the 2 arrows on both sides work like before when pressing "A" with the cursor on them, (idk if i'm explaining it clearly, i hope so, sorry for my bad English).

In the navigation there are some zones next to the planets that count for the d-pad, making the selections of different planet slower (moreover, the name of the planet is one of these points), while the "upgrade menu" cannot be used without the d-pad.

When changing color, returning to previous screen should put the cursor on the spot previously selected, instead of letting it in the last positions (i.e. the position of the color selected, also, while changing color there's no option to rotate the warframe, and, to be honest, the "RT" option is slow, but at this point i don't know if you decided to not use "RS" (right/left direction), (that actually have the same function of the "RS" up/down move, to scroll the page), because of the new UI in work).   

As always, thank you for listening, and thank you for your patience! 🙂

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2 minutes ago, (PS4)zyriaxione said:

Now if only someone could tell me the keyboard equivalent to square and triangle for selecting whether or not to continue a defense mission! Also, how to use gear with the KB/M. I can pull the gear up with Q but can't select anything.

You should be able to place the cursor over the option you want to select.

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New changes are great, thanks for listening to the feedback. I still have some problems with the cursor and I preferred the old UI but it's at least playable now.

Things that I would like changed:

· Can't unequip weapons, it won't let me select "None".  Edit: This was fixed, thank you.

· Still no D-Pad scroll.

· Can't rotate my operator in the features screen of the appearance.

· Sentinel vacuum doesn't vacuum the charges or sentient cores dropped by vomvalysts in eidolon fights.

· When trying to invite somebody in the recruiting chat by selecting their name with the cursor from their message in the chat, half the time it says "Given username does not exist", but when I go to the right and select their name from the list of people in the chat, it works fine.

· Can't clear my active quest.

· When I'm trying to take off a single mod sometimes I miss the mod with the cursor and I press Y to remove the mod but the cursor isn't actually on the mod so I end up removing every mod and have to put them all back on. I do this way too much and I think if you're gonna keep this feature, you should change it to double tap Y instead of tapping it once, because that would make it a lot harder to accidently remove all mods.

Will post more when I find more.

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