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Quality Of Life Change - Ammo Pack Pickups


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I think a change to the way ammo packs are picked up is in order.


Currently, ammo packs are automatically picked up by your warframe whenever you move over one while at any ammo count other than max.  This can make me extra cautious when moving around the level to get mod/resource drops or reloading certain weapons with small clip sizes like the Ogris/Torid and especially Bows.  I hate feeling wasteful picking up an ammo pack after reloading 3 rockets in my Ogris when that one pack could potentially have been 20 rockets.  Obviously this isn't a huge problem in most situations (and the Ogris is already extremely ammo efficient) but it becomes more troublesome with high level enemies when we have to use much more ammo and drops become more scarce.


Easy fix?  Make it so ammo packs are only picked up when we are at (Max Ammo - Ammo Pack Size) = Pickup.  For example, you wont pick up a rifle/pistol pack until you are missing 20 rounds from your maximum stash, or 10 from snipers/shotguns.


Not a super important change, but a quick easy change to make the current ammo system a little more efficient.


This could obviously also be applied to Energy/Health orbs.

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I see where you're coming from (especially with bows), but I don't think never picking up when near full is good either. Some mission are quite linear, and I want every pink ammo box I see, even if I'm only down 4 or 5. Making ammo only pickup when you're at least a box below full, as well as if you block while standing on a pickup, would be ideal.

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