Change Loadout UI bug

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Can not see load out mini preview window on the "change loadout" screen.

This happens on the navigation and arsenal screen.

I have 11 load out slots that are not named uniquely because I change them up frequently.  I used the mini mouse over popup that showed the Frame/Primary/Secondary to see what is in the slot without loading it.

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Posted (edited)

I captured some images to illustrate what I am talking about.


Notice when hovering over on slot there is no mini load out pop up showing frame/primary/secondary 



This is information that was displayed when hovering with previous UI.



DE, a better pop up would be more complete if possible




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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Hey guys! We have this on our radar 🙂 Thanks for reporting. 

Hi, Danielle.

Sorry to kinda hijack this topic, but there's also a bug in Arsenal where a lot of the times, after changing a Loadout or simply going into modding a Warframe or weapon, when you leave the modding screen, is like everything is unequipped. With the only choice left being to press "Esc" and go to another screen like Operator, Navigation or Foundry, and then returning back to the Arsenal. Sometimes even this doesn't work at first and the Arsenal screen is still bugged, so you need to repeat this process till it works.

This has been happening for around 2-3 weeks now and I was waiting for a fix thinking that such an obnoxious bug wouldn't go unnoticed. But it never got fixed. There's already a thread on the subject here:

And below is an image of how it looks, like if everything was unequipped:


Please, take a look into this, as it happens quite frequently and seemingly, at random.

Thanks in advance and happy E3.

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