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Forma Glitch; Wrong Polarity. Lag?


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So, I recently got my Nyx to level 30, and I excitedly decided to polarize my Aura slot to a D polarity to fit my Rejuvenation aura mod.


As I clicked through the different polarities, I got to the D and clicked. It worked, so I went and confirmed the polarization.


To my disgruntlement, the game froze up a bit and I alt/tabbed, tabbing back in and it worked. I look back and, instead of the D polarity, I found a rogue V polarity, which I am absolutely sure I did not select.


I'm sure all of you know how difficult not only forma is to obtain, but how long it may take to level a warframe up to rank 30 again, only to repolarize the exact same slot.


If there's any way this could be fixed, I would greatly appreciate it. I really don't want to have to waste time looking for forma and ranking up my Nyxxy again.



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