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Extreme Lag Specific To Eachother


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My friend and I both play in a group of 5 or so people. Each of us can host and when we host, only the singular other person lags, our other 2-3 friends do not. Each time our other friends host, neither of us lag.

When he hosts, I lag so bad noone else appears on minimap, mobs jump arround with 100% hp all saying level 1.

I cannot pick up any items until there are no mobs left. Once I run out of energy I have no way to pick up energy orbs.

The same goes for when I host for him.



I host, person 1 lags, people 2 and 3 do not.

Person 1 hosts, I lag, people 2 and 3 do not.


Both of us are port forwarded. Have tried disabling UPNP, I have my QOS for warframe set to the highest priority.


Why is the lag specific to eachother for us? Why can we host 2-3 other people just not eachother? I have zero problems hosting 3 of our other friends and they do not lag at all. I run arround 60Down 5up.


This is making the game very unfun to play and will prob lead to me quitting here in a few days if I cant get this fixed. Its no fun to never be able to shoot or cast because I cant pick up energy or see/target mobs.


Edit: Also tried both of us DMZ'ing, doesnt help anything.

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Since you've already tried the DMZ thing, honestly you have me stumped. But im right there with you....I lag with pretty much nobody, except the General of my freaking clan! We can play for hours with anybody else, but the second me and him are both in the game, no matter who is hosting, our connection goes down so bad that some freaky things happen. I've done a run of Cyath, where i saw 2 enemies the entire time, but i had him on the phone telling me when to Overheat/WoF....So i ended up getting most kills anyway, due to the Godliness of Ember. lol

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Just a poor connection to each other for whatever reason.

Yep and average netcode(no offence DE, but, it just doesnt work) doesnt help.


I have no end of players who cant connect to me when iam host, yet, the other 50% can. Its just a nightmare to resolve.


The only "real" fix for all the network issues in this game is dedicated servers.

Only problem is, i'll need to buy a PS4 to get a warframe version that has it.

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Myself and my girlfriend are both port-forwarded, and don't lag in ANY OTHER games, and whichever one of us joins the other is almost incapable of seeing ANYTHING the other is doing, there's minute-long lags to switch weapons, and we can't see ammo on the ground.

This is getting ridiculous.


Edit: I seem to lag in PuG 4 man games, and since my girlfriend doesn't PuG, she has no input on the issue, beyond playing with me.

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Bumping with new symptoms.


1) When I die on my screen I can be running arround and just instantly die, when this happens my friends usually cant raise me.


2) When I use a revive to raise up, sometimes I stay dead, this dead like state gives me mob radar and mod radar .... wat? Yes, I get them free for 15 seconds until I die a second time even though I was never actually alive.


3) Other symptoms include picking up energy but never actually getting my bar to fill, energy siphon wont tick up either. I can get mods immediately, and I can pick up the energy, but it takes several minutes to actually allow me to get the mp to cast.



Any news on how to fix this? DE?

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