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Proper Feedback Mandates Polls


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Seriously, why can't users make polls when creating new threads?  They would allow us to gauge others' reactions so much more easily (and in turn, allow you, DE, to see what the majority of the community thinks about certain issues). 


Polls would be a major improvement to the forums.  I can't imagine they would take much effort to implement, and there is really no potential downside of doing so. 

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Because then everyone would have polls about polls. and stupidity will reign even more supreme on the forums than it already does.


Ironically enough, I had given thought to celebrating the introduction of polls (assuming it ever happened) with a poll debating whether the poll feature was a good or bad thing.  Possible answers would have included:


1. No, it will corrupt the children. 

2. Yes, it will corrupt the children. 

3. I have zero facts to back up my argument, but I will nonetheless pick a side and insult the intelligence of anyone who dares oppose me. 

4. I can't read the question because it's not in Braille. 

5. I am a pitiful, emotionless husk of a human being, and therefore have no opinion.



EDIT: Of course, my second poll would have actually been serious. 

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Polls are useless. They don't reflect the playerbase as a whole (40,000+ active players on a given weekend). Forums only attract a sliver of the playerbase, and only a vocal share of that sliver even posts or participates. There'd be no merit to polls, really.

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well, actually pools already exist... all the threads about "X vs Y" or "which one is the best weapon" etc etc...


these are basically pools made of short answers...


i dont see anything bad in implementing a tool that we basically already use widely in a different, obsolete way

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