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Titania's Exalted Weapons + Limbo: A Quick Workshop!

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11 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

it has been changed to only stop-time for Enemies. All Ally gear will continue to function

Just to confirm, this means that we will be able to SHOOT WHILE STASIS IS ACTIVE???????

EDIT: I agree with others that stasis should still affect Limbo's weapons

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6 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

To put Limbo's Stasis in a more cooperative position, it has been changed to only stop-time for Enemies. All Ally gear will continue to function. But, because complete time-halting for enemies within the Rift is akin to godly power, the duration of the ability has been shortened overall - from base 30 seconds to 15 seconds. This is of course affected by Mods.

Limbo main here. I'm not going to say I don't like this change. I'm just going to say I expect this to be nerfed shortly after. I personally can already see how this can be exploited but I'm going to wait and see if it becomes bad enough to need a Nerf.

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What Limbo needs is to banish enemies into the rift with his 1, while he is already in the rift.
..and of course vice versa. It allows a faster play style.
Since years I always try to banish enemies into my "current world".
This mechanic is also great for teamplay. When an enemy is currently in the rift you can immediately bring him back into the normal world.
Result is that your teammates can activly kill the enemy and don't get upset with you as a Limbo player.

I also would like to see a visual effects and sound overhaul for his rift ability (his 4 and shift button).
The current one (since day 1) is too psychedelic (effect combined with this weird background sound). 🤮
Limbos rift vfx and sounds should encourage the player to enter it and not just tolerate it, because "it is what it is since day 1"...
Imagine the beginning of an epic video game and you see a wide horizon for the first time + "epic" music. That's what Limbo should be: A superior style frame.
A cool idea would also be to adjust the volume of the rift sound depending on how near / far away you are from it.
And when you finally made it into/out of the rift you hear the entering or leaving sound just like before. HOW COOL!.. when I say so myself.. 😄
Imagine this blending together with the kuva fortress or PoE sounds.You literally get sucked automatically into the rift just by the sound!
P.S.: I will never get it why the sound team don't come up on the forums with some ideas for his sounds + voting.
I hope you take notes DE ❤️


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"Limbo is one of th emost complex Warframes" - yes, 4 Limbo spam time stop at interception and message 76 is as easy as message 1.
And those farmers dictate prices on the market when new thing drops as that is most efficient way of farming, you are wathcing a movie and letting macro spam ability.

Tho not everyone can write a macro so it is complex.... jk, I know you have to be nice when introducing nerfs

Sarcasm aside I am glad they are reworking him in right direction, I really wish they would make Limbo fun one day. As is he is kind of manifestation of a Cheat Engine and as such I am not a fan of it.

This will make days of Limbo Prime a bit easier on everyone

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Just now, Qamelion said:

What Limbo needs is to banish enemys into the rift with his 1, while he is already in the rift.
..and of cource vice versa.

I've been saying this for a while. Pressing 1 at a group really should just flip them to the opposite plane regardless of Limbo's plane, not only flip them to the plane opposite Limbo.

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Cutting Limbo's duration IN HALF is an ENORMOUS nerf that is entirely unnecessary. Being 'forced' to use Melee was never a downside because melee has been the STRONGEST WEAPON TYPE FOR YEARS NOW. This nerf is completely pointless. "Allowing" us to use guns isn't a valid excuse to cut this ability's duration IN HALF.

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I agree fully that limbo’s own weapons should not be affected by this change, purely for the fun factor at least.

Altough another issue is still present that I think should be adressed: the Rift.

It is a cool mechanic no doubt and it can work interestingly, but as it is now I feel that this will keep Limbo as a polarizing frame since this gives him the ability to alter things during a mission that while yes it can be beneficial for his teammates it can be also annoying or inconvenient for public or uncoordinated games, the whole aspect of completely phasing out enemies from the allies or viceversa, which is where I believe the biggest gripes might be coming from.

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Titania needs a lot more then just those changes.

The 50% duration nerf on Rift is entirely unnecessary.

Limbo was annoying to work with, and you fixed that. There is no need to make it more annoying to play.



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I'm happy to hear the implication that Limbo is being primed next since he's one of my mains, but I don't think it's enough.

Having his 1 be a cone is still an issue that makes it very unused. It would be better as small aoe circle.

More importantly Rift interactions still make your allies rip their hair out and shoot steam from their ears if you use anything except cataclysm that they can immediately identify and avoid.

It's needs to be glaringly apparent when looking at enemies on the opposite plane from you, as well as to tell which plane your in like violent black energy around the border of the screen and the color pallet of those enemies.

His passive needs to change to allow all allies in affinity range to be able to move in and out of the rift at will.

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12 minutes ago, Aldrr said:

Currently limbo is one of my go-to mobile defense / rescue frames, especially for sorties, where he can lock down the area for an extended duration, allowing my Tenno to AFK to use the bathroom, watch youtube, or make a sandwich.

Fixed that for you.

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Good day.

Since I am mainly playing Limbo, I am absolutely not amused by having a 80sec cataclysm, but only a 40sec stasis. You actually don't need complete weapon usage inside the rift with stasis active. The Limbo just needs to know how to use his tools effectively and people who either don't understand him and his mechanics or just hate him because of no reason shouldn't complain about the Warframe, since it is not the fault of the Warframe, but the user.
You can play perfectly well with Limbo is at this moment.
But I will see how the changes will impact his gameplay, like many others too.

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From 30 seconds down to 15 seconds? Seriously? Limbo will now be less fun. Congratulations, DE.

"Better use Natural Talent, scrubs."

I don't even play Limbo that much, and now I want to play him even less. Very lame.

Allies not being affected by the time stop is the only change Limbo needed. Why does DE have an excessive need to always compromise good changes with nerfs? Why can't it just be a good change? Why do you always have to sour the cake with spoiled eggs as a compromise to putting sprinkles on top?

Trading a quality of life improvement for a straight-up nerf. Extremely disappointed.

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Well, thanks for the heads up on these changes. I can see many players that dislike Limbo will be pleased but I can see Limbo users being disappointed about this nerf to their current kit.

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7 minutes ago, StamFFS said:

Now how will we unlock the riven challenge which needs to get X headshot kills while air gliding? 😧

Go to Jupiter, jump in one of those vents that blows you upwards, press RMB, and learn how to land headshots.
Maybe use Zephyr for her passive.
Easy as that...

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