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Nexus app suggestion.

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The app is great, but there are additional features that would be great to have as well. 


Like I'd love to have access to the market directly from the app, which doesn't seem to be a possibility currently. It is by no means a deal breaker if I can't but please consider it. 

I'd also like to be able to work with the arsenal more, modding my weapons/frames and changing the loadouts. Right now that doesn't seem to be an option at all. The arsenal and companion tabs are probably the least useful tab in the app for me. 

I know that this may not be the most popular opinion, but I'd be willing to drop some real world cash in the app store for an improved version of the app with additional features.

Maybe an improvement to the chat is something that others would like, I don't really use it, so it's 'meh' for me. 

(Before anyone bites my head off I mean like 5-10 bucks I can spare that much for the improved functionality I am talking about because it'll save me time in game that I can use on other things, think of it like paying to rush completion. Not everyone will and nobody has to, but if someone does, great for them. I've rushed a couple of things, mainly in the dojo because, long story short it was a two man clan just starting out I was going on a trip and wanted to leave things in a particular place for my clanmate while I was away. Haven't felt the need since. I considered it worth it to complete the labs and start some research in the time I had available to me.) 


Or hey, if you can add the functionality and want to make it free, that's great as well. (But I would still probably be willing make a small contribution as a thank you the way I have done for other apps that I've bought despite the free version meeting my needs.) 

Hope it helps. 

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