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Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]


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Update 23 is LIVE!


Hang out with dev-pal Steve as he gives you live updates on where we're at with the update (featuring hotel lobby music) 

It’s almost here… Update 23: The Sacrifice will land TODAY on PC! We could not be more excited for you all to experience the third cinematic quest in Warframe’s history. Keep the hype train going with our Warframe Partners, as they also prepare for the update to launch!

Preparing UPDATE 23

Megan announced on the PC Gaming Show at E3 that The Sacrifice will be coming to PC this week.

It is not launching today, but this week is still our aim! 

On 2018-06-13 at 1:51 PM, [DE]Megan said:

If you accurately recall, yes we shipped Beasts of the Sanctuary on a Friday, but the DE team worked literally all weekend doing Hotfixes. We try to avoid shipping Updates on a Friday, but we also dislike making our players wait. 

Which is why we post these threads to inform you of the current pulse of Updates.

The Sacrifice is not coming today, but we are very confident on shipping this week. We always have aims/goals that we strive towards, and we are more determined than ever to ship it this week. 

We publicly said 'This Week' and we intend to stick to that. You can guarantee that you will hear from us tomorrow on another pulse check.

We appreciate your patience with us as always. There is nothing quite like the encouragement of the Warframe community to really fuel our late nights and push us to deliver.

The Second Dream and War Within Quests added a couple notches to our belts, but a cinematic quest with such great anticipation requires a lot of love and quality checks. So with bated breath, the DE team excitingly continues to work away on bringing you Update 23: The Sacrifice.

Preparing for THE SACRIFICE

In the meantime, if you still have yet to complete The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow, or the Apostasy Prologue quests, now is the time! They are required to start The Sacrifice. Checking those boxes will allow you to jump right into the cinematic experience when the update launches. 

You can also check out The Sacrifice hubsite to get a sneak peak at what Update 23 is bringing: https://www.warframe.com/thesacrifice/info

Preparing for SPOILERS

This is also a good time to remind everyone on our Forums to be mindful of spoiling the quest for others. We want everyone to be able to fully experience the Quest for themselves. PC players who aren’t able to play the quest right away and console players who will be receiving the update at a later date would sure appreciate your efforts.

To help prevent spoilers, please use a tag in your thread titles and spoiler boxes in the content of your posts for Quest related topics. For example:

Title: The Sacrifice has me shook 

“I just finished playing The Sacrifice Quest and I have so many thoughts to share”

[spoiler box]
“Spoiler content goes here”

Community Moderators will be adding Spoiler tags to threads who require them, and may hide threads if needed. 

Thank you, Tenno...

Thank you to Lua and back for your support. It’s crazy to think we’ve made not one, not two, but three cinematic quests that dive deeper into Warframe. We have been so lucky to share these experiences with you, Tenno. From all of us at Digital Extremes, we hope you enjoy the Quest and we can’t wait to see your reactions. 

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"It is not launching today, but this week is still our aim!"

The use of the word "aim" is making me hella anxious. Does that mean there's really a possibility that we could be waiting another week for The Sacrifice? This is really running into releasing at Tennocon at this rate.

What kind of finishing touches are they doing that it takes this long just to release the quest?

I don't mean to be so salty, but damn this is taking way longer than it reasonably should. They've had almost a full year to work on this since Tennocon 2017.

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