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[PC] Update 23: Visual Accessibility UI Themes and General UI Feedback Megathread


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Update 23: The Sacrifice is live and brought with it many UI themes/changes AND 2 free Themes specifically designed with our visually impaired and color blind Tenno in mind:

Equinox Theme (B&W theme) 

High Contrast Theme

We have exactly 131 screens in Warframe that need an artistic pass to the new style. 8 are done and ready to go, here are some of the UI locations you can test these themes out in:

  • Inventory menus
  • Simulacrum 
  • Cetus Vendors 

Once you’ve had a chance to check them out for yourself, we’d love to get your feedback so that we can improve Warframe’s accessibility. 

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the update!

Work on Labels is in progress:


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Need to show amount of each item you have while trading.  The old UI had this, the new one does not.  If you're in the trading screen you can easily sell away your only copy of something without knowing.  Without this, you'd have to exit the trade just to check your inventory again.  Also hard to tell quantities in new UI.  Recommend numbers be more visible.

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The lack of names, ranks, and mastery symbols severely reduces the usability of this UI in comparison to the old one. The source of inspiration for this type of menu was an entirely different type of game, and this kind of design does not belong in Warframe due to how its inventory system works.

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This UI feels like it took a pretty form over being functional. The new default... brown? for icons and stuff is terribly low contrast, and players shouldn't be required to switch to a high-contrast theme to have visible icons/text, if they don't otherwise require a high-contrast theme. I'd just switch to using Legacy, but it's currently missing a lot of things and can't fix things like the removal of names and rank symbols to a mouseover menu - those things should be exactly what you have at a glance, especially since glyphs aren't unique or any type of identifier (especially if multiple people in a cell have the same one).

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We totally need color mixer there.

I like text color from tenno theme and background from greneer theme.

But in tenno backgound is horribly bright(cannot use it from how much backround hurts my eyes(i mean literally it brings pain)).

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I love the UI because it is a lot cleaner and the sound design is wonderful, however:

  • There are some dead space that kills my OCD.
  • I kind of miss being able to press "esc" and seeing all my group's weapons and equipment with out hovering on each at a time. Also as -TSA-BierWurstGER said, it tends to glitch behind icons time to time.
  • Also the removal of alot of names/titles make it difficult to know the difference of a lot of muted item icons.
  • The muted color of icons bugs me a lot as it start to burl with the rest of the background. You have a bunch of wonderful and colorful item icons, I feel like there is no need to mute the color for a hover effect.

Edit: I another problem is the mouse tends to jerk when clicking on search bar sometimes.

Thanks 😄

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The inventory screen is terrible without having names on the times.

And the opacity makes it even worse.  I mean this is just not user friendly at all:



and you have to keep mousing over everything to see what it is - that is going to flat out suck on the console.

I would gladly take less items on the screen to make room for their names.


USE CASE EXAMPLE - lets say I want to sell a weapon to make room for a new one I want to claim. Under the old system I could simply scroll and read the names of the weapons I had until I saw one I wanted to dispose of.  Now I need to scroll and mouse over everything shifting focus on some popup box to see what it is.  The same is true when trying to quickly scan for superfluous items like harrow chassis and oberon parts to dump for credits.  This makes it painful to quickly find things SPECIFICALLY where I don't know what i'm looking for until i see it.  And that's just one simple example of how this is bad.


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What's this part belong to? What's this part belong to? What's this part belong to? What's this part belong to? What's this part belong to? What's this part belong to? 

Add names to the icons!

Who thought this was better? I have way too many swords sharing the same skin and I now have to mouse over everything or take the time to use the search function even if it's already on screen.

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... uh-huh... really clear what the health is there...Warframe0070.jpg

Hmm and then there's this.... bug or design choice?


Drop sources now don't scroll at all (or if they do it's not at all intuitive);


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Another change... bug or design decision?
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+1 to PLEASE bring back titles & quantity at first-look (AND mastery/forma icons too please)

I was going to list the reasons but it's kinda just... all of them. Make it a toggle option if need be.
it's anti-accessibility and flat out inconvenient.

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The UI is amazing and the addition of many sound effects provides a drastic change. Steve and the team did an amazing job. However, the readability of the UI is clunky at the moment. The squad mates' names have to be hovered over in order to see their loadouts, which is appalling compared to the original UI which instantly shower the loadout of the whole squad. There need to be names for the items in the inventory, such as prime parts, so that we could know what is what without having to hover manually over each item due to them all sharing the same icons.  Additionally, I don't think this was intentionally reverted, weapons in the loadout screen no longer have the icons of the skins that are equipped to them shown. We only see the vanilla weapon skin icons on the list.

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Colorblind here (deuteranomal), still downloading the update.

(following critics are for the accessibility purpose, as it SHOULD be in this topic, nonetheless, many of the above poster raised valid concerns over the FUNCTIONALITY losses)

What I see from those screenshot is typically what we (colorblind) DON'T want to see.

either :

-washed out dark ambiance where you have to struggle to simply be able to SEE anything (remember, I could boost the gamma in the nvidia control panel, but then, my eyes would BLEED from actual gameplay)

or :


and it's the only option, as if, all colorblind are the same.

Imagine the full-on colorblind guy (yeah, sorry ladies, these type of disabilities are somewhat sexist... on guys it's always a disability, on girls it's much rarer, and actually get them tetrachromacy most of the time) trying to figure out what is selected in the 1st picture without that popup on the side, sure, some of them might show the "illuminated background", but given some icons almost cover completely that part of the square, i'm guessing those squares will be a problem... also, total colorblindness usually comes with other vision problems, which need the people to be able to setup "intimately" the contrast on such menus. 

Now for the 2nd picture, in my case but I'm betting in the case of many others, WTAF DE ? skew the color hues while going fullbright and call it a day ?

You can (and must) do better if you pretend this to be accessibility, else, people will only notice how convenient it is for you to sell other color patterns, which i'm sure many will fit our accessibility needs better than those "free" ones...

I'm not a fan of selling "menu color customizations" in the 1st place, it says "here, please pay for this, we have no other content to sell to you at the moment, please send us some cash !"

Selling those means you WILL deny us colorblind the ability to have our own pattern editable.

I, myself, would simply go for a darker red-orange range, and either turn the green a little bluer or simply pass it to blue above a minimum brightness (as the former solution tends to end up in light greens going turquoise, which I personaly find hard to stand)

For people with other colorblindness, it's other colors that should be shifted around and slightly modified (up or down on the brightness scale).

One way to have a working thing for us colorblind, would be the ability to change, globally for the text/menus, how a pair of ranges of color translate in the game, whatever the colortheme we use (meaning, we could buy those new colorthemes, since it wouldn't hinder us)

I'd go on the "reddish range", select a starting color and an ending color on that range, tick the "change brightness/contrast/saturation" box, and slide it a little to the left so it becomes darker, then I'd go to the greenish range, select a start/end colors, and tick the "modify hue" box, or "scale rgb", adding blue component to it.

Then, whenever something in the menu has to show up with those specific colors for a reason, (friend/foe, bonus/malus, etc) it get changed to what would suit me the best.

Another guy with another colorblindness might swap his yellows or reddish/pinkish, as it's not only about red and green.

Still, one point for the intent, but it has to be done well, or it's no use.

kinda like these :


Too hard to use :



"hey, we thought of accessibility, that's enough, right ?" :


Going.... somewhere ? :


"hey, it's ok, it goes somewhere, the paralympics gymnast recruitment office..." :


"These stairs might be a problem..." :


"Here, I fixed it, easy access to the stairs now !" :



:facepalm: please don't do any of these




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9 minutes ago, --PV--Darkfreak said:

An option to switch between:

(like it is now)


(a top-to-bottom list, with icons on the left, name in the middle, and potato/forma/mastery/MR-req on the right)

would've been lovely

Exactly this would be a great addition. Giving us the option too choose either visuals or utility would instantly make the UI better, because if you want it to look nice you can choose to have it as it is now. But many of us would really prefer to have the utility of the old UI system.

Hovering over 10+ barrel parts JUST to see which weapon it belongs to is tedious and annoying after a while. Not to mention nerve wracking now that Baro is almost here.- if you don't want to sell certain parts. 

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I like the aesthetics but I don't think its an improvement, functionality wise. For the squad UI we can no longer instantly check everyone's equipped relics, which makes verifying radshare runs really really troublesome. Another minor gripe is that its harder to leave squad now after random fissure runs. 

As for our inventory, I would really like to be able to see the names of my stuff together, I don't like having to hover over a single item to display its name. Yes its more compacted but now it just looks like a collection of icons that I don't recognize.

Also accessing the mods segment in the dojo instantly turns it perpendicular to the screen, thus making it totally unusable. 

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